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req trigun banner


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello, new person! I am quite pleased to be the first to offer you this spiffy banner-and-avi set. Now, you can use it...or you can wait and see if Retri or Boo or someone else shows up and decides to make you one as well...that's what's cool about this area: you usually get more than one answer to your request.

Of course, after you see them, you will realise MINE is the coolest, but...heh. Just kidding, guys...please don't hit me. *cowers*

Anyway. Here's my set. Hope you like them! :D




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thats very nice but is there anyway u can include vashs gun in the banner if not its still awsome thx much :D i really like the way u did my name
but i dont mind if anyone else had a better pic and used it, it really doesnt have to be the pic i used but would like to have the gun in the banner :D
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