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RPG *A Digi-Story* (Rated:G)


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It's been five years now. The Digital World has been remade over and over and kids come in from all around the world playing and learning with their Digi-Partners. It?s been good and swell until the Digital World faces another dark force. As kids get ready to save it again, an epic battle goes on for months.

Years pass and the Digital World is still in battle. Digi-Partner after Digi-Partner turn into nothing but data. Sadness falls over the digital world--until five kids make it there who are best to fight the darkness: Kiki, Kento, Lily, Dichi, Haro, with their partners, Latomon, Juichimon, Geaamon, Kaseimon, and Hitokmon. Go out to fight an evil digimon no one has seen before, with hope in each of there hearts and love. And while knowing that this world and their world would be safe, go out to fight the evil...

Ok, why don't you just finish it. I'll read and we can all finish the story because I just like writing stories...
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