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Request Balmung(.hack sign) sig+ava request.

Guest The_KID

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Guest The_KID
The avatar which I would like to be 100x100. And the signature I owuld like to be 550x150. I can make it smaller. Just I cant make images bigger without them deterioating. The avatar should be with the same topic pic of the signature. Just any kool looking picture. If need be I can supply you with one. This would be greatly appreciated. And the only text Id like is my username The_KID. Thank you. :D
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[CENTER][COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]OB only allows avatar's height to be 80 pixels or less. I made the avatar 100x80. Also, banners on OB are only allowed to be a width of 500 pixels or less. I realized that when making it, so instead of cropping out the edges, I just resized it, but it turned out 400 pixels in width, because that looked the best and least distorted.

Another note, I had no idea what kind of font you wanted, so I just did a plainish-grungish-type-font. Hope the colors are okay! And if you wanted a border, I'll do that, too. Just PM me, kay?

URL: [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/unmei_shinpai/banners%20and%20avvies%20for%20you/the_KID2.jpg[/url]
Size: 100x80 Filetype: JPG

URL: [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/unmei_shinpai/banners%20and%20avvies%20for%20you/the_KID3.jpg[/url]
Size: 400x100 Filetype: JPG

Well, there go.
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