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RPG from the depth


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hello this Rp is based on FF X place wise I mean none of the story has to do with the game itself

from the depth

1st bio sheet

Age: Gender: Weapons: Background:




2000 years ago there was and island known as Zakar it was located 200 miles off the coast of Kilika when one day the volcano on the isaland erupted and sank the island 100o years later the island rose for the same reason it sank but because of sin noone noticed now 10 years after yuna defeated sin a al bhed boy named Jion and his younger sister Aliah found the island while flying in there airship but a mysterious force damaged the airship and now with a lack of an airship they have boght a hoverboat to explore the island the goverment heard about there expodition and have sen people to scompie them and people have voulteered to come along

only 2 characters

no "gods"

no copywriting characters

now my characters
Name: Jion
Age: 19
Gender: male
Weapons: buster rifle (rifle with large ammo that causes large whelps and broken bones)
Background: a young al bhed who idolized rikku and wanted to be like her so he bought an airship with his dad?s inheritance and went exploring with his younger sister they found Zakar while flying over kilika but the ship was damaged and they have little money left >>
Profession: Explorer captian of *Risou
Personality: is a very lighearted person and always try?s to make people laugh is a annoyance to his sister and they don?t see eye to eye >>
Race: al bhed

Name Aliah
Age: 14>>
Gender: Female
Weapon: Comp Gobilace (gloves invented by Aliah that can cast magic and that because she can?t also have other abilities)>>
Back round: Jion?s younger sister co-finder of Zakar >>
Profession: Explorer, Navigator of Risou>>
Personality: very smart and very serious has nothing in common with her older brother ever makes mistakes when it comes computers and electronics so is navigator >>
Race: al bhed >>
apperance [IMG]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/girls16.jpg[/IMG]

will start once 5 people join
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