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Request New Banner for DC


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Hello again every one. What I would like is something to unite the 2 rpgs I'm in currently. My rpg is "Angels Must Die" (my character is seeking revenge for being wronged by God/Angels). The other rpg is "Welcome to your Lesson on Love" were I play a badboy that has been through some horrible trials causing his hard outershell. I'd like something that kind of combines them together with some quote stating how they are a like yet different, or something. (I like people to be creative so I'm trying not to limit that). I'm going to keep my current avi, but would like just a new banner theme.


The color sitting should be something that sets the mood to be a little depressing, but not too morbid. Splash of red or highlighting a certain part to make it stand out more. Nothing too flashy or plain. I think that's all of it. Any questions just let me know.Thanks.
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