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RPG Blade masters: Dante vs. Kairi [same as all the other blade master threads]

Lord Dante

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the whirring of bugs fills the twilight air around Hinabayama castle. The area is deserted of locals, as a festival of Oni is in session. dante walks up the long, dusty mountain road toward the castle, seemingly aware of nothing around him.
"seems a strange place to find a blade master" dante said to no-one in particulair, pausing for a moment. After satisfying himself that no one was around, he continued toward the castle.
Sliding back the wall, dante stepped into the castle. Dante thought to himself that the Place looked farmiliar, but discounted the thought. Dante froze at the sound of footsteps. looking around hurredly, he spotted that a figure was approaching the room. "oh crap" dante whispered to himself, and darted behind the paper wall just as the figure entered the room...

(OOC: i hope this is an ok starter)
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER][SIZE=1]The castle held a sense of "dead air'' as Kairi leap down from the castle walls...his prey was somewhere near...obviously from hearing his careless movements. Walking as if he were casually walking through the streets, his walking smooth and fluent as his bare feet smacked against the stone structure.

Stalking from one room to the next, Kairi observed each one intensly as he passed. Suddenly one caught his eye...the air stirred from movement as he entered...a faint breathing sound could be hear using his senses as a shadow could been through a paper wall in the room as he turned to acknowledge isn't presence...

The figure didn't move at his entrance.......Kairi looked quickly to his side and found a chair and quickly threw it at the figure hiding. [/SIZE][/CENTER][/COLOR]
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