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Writing Batman Beyond Chapter one part two (M):L-V


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Batman Beyond

[COLOR=Blue]Before I start, this is a retelling of Batman Beyond, and how I think it should've been done. I was a little dissipointed with the show, and I thought it would be better if it was darker. So this version is darker, more vilolent, and fills in some of the blanks in the show. Enjoy![/COLOR]
Chapter one part two

?Things change..?

GOTHAM CITY?25 years later?

Terry McGinnis?s knuckles hit the Joker punk right in the middle of his pasty white and blue face, breaking three of his teeth. The punk fell over into a pile of garbage cans.
?Waste him, Jokerz!? He yelled out. ?Slag the fucker!? Terry ducked under a metal pipe swung at his head, grabbed the pipe and shoved it into his assailant?s face. A purple and green Joker pulled out a rubber chicken with spikes protruding from it from his long tattered green overcoat. ?You made a mistake, McGinnis!? He cackled. ?Pick a fight with The Jokerz, and you?ll end up..? He had no time to finish because McGinnis kicked him in the head, sending him falling face first into the pavement. Terry spat a wad of spit at the ground. He dusted off his brown jacket, and stuck his hands in his pockets. He looked around at his uncounious assailants. ?You guys better stick to something your good at.? He turned walking away. ?Like pissing your beds.? Terry shook his head. Those guys are idiots. Sure there are many of them, but in a fight with him, they are no contest. The Jokerz were a gang of toughs who worshipped a psychotic killer from years ago. They made their headquarters somewhere in Old Gotham, but who cares? They have been terrorizing the city for some time. Burning buildings, raping women, murder, vandoliziom, that kind of stuff. Whatever. Leave that to Commissioner Barbra Gorden and her boys. Not his business. Terry had enough problems. Terry was a tough kid, and everyone knew it. He was expelled from three schools already for picking fights, coming in late and cutting class. He would go to the gym, lift weights, practice Martial Arts, gymnastics, and wrestling, but still he felt very alone. Why did he feel so alone? Because of his old man. Terry?s dad was a reporter, and was always off doing something important. Hell, he wasn?t even there when he was born, for Christ?s sake. He was in Metropolis, talking to Lex Luthor about some shit. Fine. Terry was tired of his father?s excuses. ?I was running late.? ?My plane was delayed.? ?Sorry I missed it. I?ll make it up to you.? He never made it up to him. Ever. Terry walked out the ally, and made his way onto the sidewalk. The Gotham skyline was stretched out before him, looking like weird colossuses of iron, steel, and glass. Gotham?s buildings looked like they belonged in a strange sci-fi movie. Terry knew that Gotham kept the famous Gotham Towers, for several years. Regardless of the changes in Gotham, the towers stayed the same. The people of Gotham thought it gave the city a certain respectability to it. Terry watched as sleek high tech cars, parked and drove away from the Dini Memorial High School. ?Terry! Hey!? A young African American girl ran down the sidewalk. ?Hey Max.? Terry sighed. Max ran up to Terry?s side. She swept her hand over her pink hair. ?You?re late again. Geeze, man I?m gettin sick of covering for you. Mr. Rossel is gonna have a fit.? ?Whatever.? Max stopped in front of Terry. ?What?s up with you, McGuiness? Don?t you care about your grades?? Terry walked right by her. ?You sound like my mom.? He snickered. Max sighed. She shook her head. ?Terry..? Terry turned. ?What?? ?Look, did you get in another fight again?? Terry nodded. ?Yeah. With The Jokerz. So?? Max caught up with him. ?Again? McGuiness, those guys are nuts! They?d kill you if they get the chance!? Terry walked up to the glass doors of the school that opened with a metallic squeal. ?What are they gonna do? Stab me with a balloon animal?? The halls were deserted at this hour. Terry and Max were they only students in the hall at the time, and that was fine with them. Terry went up to his locker, and slipped his card into the slot beside it. It beeped, and Terry opened his locker. He reached in and grabbed his Advanced Mathematics book. Max was still standing there. ?Your attitude is gonna get you slaged, McGuiness.? Terry ignored her. ?See you at lunch, Max.? Terry turned and made his way to room 32 on the second floor. Max watched him walk away. ?Have a good day at school, tough guy.? She smiled.

Wayne Enterprises was a dream made by a man with a vision many years ago. Thomas Wayne was the best surgeon that Gotham County Hospital has ever seen. He preformed them all. From tonsil removal, to open heart surgery. He made the Wayne Foundation, and Wayne Enterprises to help his fellow citizens, and the world. When Tomas Wayne was murdered, his only son Bruce was left in charge. Bruce was just as generous and a business man as father was. He held parties with donations to help Gotham?s less fortunate. He donated money to orphanages, and other causes. But Bruce was hiding a secret. He was also the mysterious Batman. Batman was only seen to some as a rumor, and an urban legend, used to scare misbehaving children. Amongst the underworld, he was a demon that came out of the night to punish those who broke the law. One day, Batman vanished. No one knows what happened to him, or where he went. Some said that he died. Others said that he went back to Hell. But no matter what happened, he was gone. Bruce Wayne was sitting in his spacious office overlooking the city. Gotham has gotten bigger, and seemed like a labyrinth to some. Wayne turned his chair back around to face his visitor, Mr. Powers. Powers was CEO of Powers Inc, a large cooperation also in Gotham. Powers was tall, with white slicked back hair, and a very expensive Italian suit. ?Well Bruce?? He asked calmly. ?What is your answer?? He offered to merge his company with Wayne?s. But Bruce was not so sure about that. Bruce was aging, but he was still in good shape for his age. His hair was steel grey, and walked with a cane. He looked at Powers with steel blue eyes. ?No.? Powers was surprised. ?No, Bruce?? ?You heard me. I?ve heard rumors, Powers.? ?What rumors?? Wayne steepled his fingers. ?Like that you sold weapons to Kobra terrorists. And when your vice-president tried to go to the police to testify, you had him killed, and made it look like an accident.? ?W-What are you talking about?? ?You destroyed the evidence as well. Also, you specialize in weapons secretly, and sell them to the highest bidder.? Powers swallowed. ?Well, you could make more money if you joined me, and we could make weapons for the military. With both our technology we could really make a splash.? Wayne leaned in right in front of Powers face. ?One thing you should know, Powers. I. Don?t. Like. Guns.? He said, his voice sounding steel hard. Wayne turned his chair back around. ?Good day, Mr.Powers.? ?Uhh..Bruce, I..? ?I said Good day.? Powers left the office, and went back outside to his car. He slid in the back, and looked at his assistant, Mr. Fixit. ?Did it go well, Mr. Powers?? He said, starting up the car. ?Shut up.? Powers snapped. ?Wayne knows some how.? He smiled. ?Mr. Fixit, looks like you have anther job.? Fixit grinned wickedly. ?But first, let?s see how our warehouse is doing.? Mr. Fixit nodded in reply. Fixit was a large muscle bound man, with a scar running down the left side of his face. He was Powers bodyguard, scoffer, and enforcer. Fixit worked for the mob in the old days, until his boss was murdered. Fixit then was offered a job by Powers. Fixit?s real name was unknown to Powers, but he didn?t really care. He did his job well, and that was what was important. The limozine took a sharp turn, and went to the warehouse on the east side.

Terry put down his heavy math book on the table in the crowded lunch room. He liked sitting alone, but Max came to join him each day. ?Hey, McGuiness. What you got for lunch?? Terry swallowed a mouthful. ?Spam. This stuff tastes like rat shit. But it was all I could find this morning when I got up.? Max opened her metal lunch box. ?I got roast beef. Trade you.? Terry raised an eyebrow. ?You like spam?? Max grinned. ?Hell, no. But there are worse things. ? Terry handed her the spam sandwich. ?Enjoy.? Max said. Terry leaned back in his chair. The roast beef was moist, and tender. ?What are you doing after school today, McGuiness?? Terry sat back up. ?I dunno. Hang out, play some PSX, watch holovison, bug Matt, the usual.? Max took a bite from the spam sandwich. It tasted awful. What?s this stuff made of? ?You want me to drop by?? Terry looked at Max. ?Uhh..That would be nice, but..well..? Max got the idea. ?Your nervous, huh? Okay, some other time.? Terry just wanted the day to end. He hated school. All of it. He rather be hanging around, and working out, not listening to bunch of old farts tell him about things that are irrelevant to his life. All day, it was bla, bla, bla, bla. Boring. Terry?s cell phone in his left jacket pocket rang. Terry picked it up, and answered. ?Talk to me.? ?Terry, it?s mom.? Terry sighed. ?Yeah, mom?? ?Your father, Terry.? Mrs. McGuiness said sounding excited. ?He?s coming home, tonight! He hasn?t seen you in months!? Terry nodded. ?Yeah. And when I come home, it turns out that he couldn?t make it.? He snapped. ?Terry..? ?He never kept his word, mom! I don?t care! It?s..? ?Terry, please. For me?? That gets him every time. He sighed. ?Okay mom. For you.? ?Thank you, Terry. Bye-bye.? ?Bye.? Terry hung up the cell. Max was listening the entire time. ?What?s up?? Max asked. ?My dad?s coming home. And mom got me to agree to come home to see him.? Max was happy for Terry. ?That?s great, McGuiness!? Terry finished the roast beef sandwich. ?Yeah, right. My dad never shows up when he says he is.? Terry looked at his watch. ?I got to go to my next class. See ya Max.? Terry got up, and walked away from Max, his hands deep in his jacket pockets.

Bruce Wanye sat in his large oak chair, looking at the portrait of his parents on the far wall. He remembered some of the good times he had with them, but one time stood out amongst them all, besides the horrible death. When Bruce was a boy, his parents threw a huge charity party that night for Gotham?s homeless. Bruce hated being dressed in his suit, and meeting all these weird people. Bruce?s father Dr. Thomas Wayne was speaking the mayor and his aide in the dining room, when the large doors to the dining room burst open. It was the District Attrory John Walkins, and he was carrying Councilmen Georges under his arm. ?Doctor Wayne! Doctor Wayne!? Thomas turned from the mayor. ?What is it? What?s wrong?!? The DA wiped his brow. ?It?s Georges! He?s choking on a chicken bone!? Thomas removed his coat, and rolled up his sleeves. ?Put him on the table, Walkins!? He looked at Alfred who was serving drinks. ?Alfred, get me the longest sharpest knife you can find! Walkins! Go boil some water!? ?Doctor Wayne, I..? ?Don?t just stand there! I?m trying to save this man?s life! Get a grip on yourself man!? He slapped the DA across the face. ?Get going! Go!? With Georges on the table, Wayne walked up to the table. ?Sorry sir.? Wayne said. He punched Georges unconscious. Alfred ran in with a long knife he found, and Walkins came with a pot of boiling water. Wayne dipped the knife in the water, and took it to the DA?s throat. ?I have to cut deep. But if I cut too deep..? Wayne cut into the flesh of the DA?s throat. Blood coated the white table cloth in crimson rivers. Pulling back the flesh, he noticed the chicken bone. He picked up a nearby fork, and slowly and carefully pulled the bone from the hole he made in the councilman?s throat. Everyone watching applauded Wayne?s efforts. He ignored it. He motioned to Alfred. ?Get a me a needle and some thread.? An hour later, the councilman woke. He was esustaed, and his shirt was stained with blood, but he was alive. Bruce was at the stair case hiding. He saw it all. This is what his father does. He was amazed by it. And he still is. He gazed up at the portrait. So many things have changed. So many things.

Terry fit his key card into the door of his apartment, and it beeped. Terry opened the door, and to his surprise sitting at the table with his smiling little brother Matt, and his mother, was his father. Jack McGuiness stood up and smiled. ?Terry! Good to see you!? Terry just scowled at him. He made his way to his room, to play some PSX. ?Terry? What is it? Aren?t you happy to see me?? Jack said following Terry into his room. Terry sat down in his chair in front of his holovison, and pressed the ?on? button on the PSX. ?No.? Terry answered. Jack looked concerned. ?Why? What?s wrong?? Jack said sitting down on Terry?s bed, facing him. ?Because, you are never here. This is the first time I?ve seen you in THREE years!? Jack hung his head. ?Yes, Terry..I?m sorry son, but..? ?Don?t you ?son? me!? Terry yelled. ?You always had something else to do! Bills to pay, flights to catch, reports to do, and you leave me here! I never even got birthday cards from you, Goddammit! You are always on the road!? Jack adjusted his glasses. ?Terry, I know. I?m sorry. I had a lot of time to think, and I love you. I really do.? Terry threw down his controller in anger. ?SLAG IT! You just can?t come back and say I love you son, and make it all better! Mom used to cry herself to sleep! And Matt, how do think he feels? I remember how mom thought you were dead! You and your fucking excuses! I?m outta here!? Terry got up, stormed out of his room, and left his apartment slamming the door behind him in anger. He decided to go to Old Gotham. There was a café there was open twenty-four hours. He needed a drink. With lots of caffeine.

Matt McGuiness was about twelve years old, and he was very happy to see his father again after all this time. He hasn?t seen him since his press conference with the hero called Static. Matt was eating a piece of the chocolate cake, when his father walked in from Terry?s room. ?What happened dad?? Matt asked between bites. Jack slumped into his chair across from Matt. ?He wasn?t happy to see me. He has a right to be angry. After all the times I was never there.? Matt looked up at his father. ?Terry will be back. He does this all the time. He likes it.? Jack smiled at his youngest son?s joke. Jack?s cell phone rang in his left pocket. He picked it up, and put it to his ear. ?This better be important.? He said sounding annoyed. ?Jack! It?s Benny! Listen, Powers is on the move! I got word that he?s selling the goods tonight!? Jacks eyes widened behind his glasses. ?When?! Where!?? Benny continued. ?Warehouse 233 on Chesvou Street. In..Twenty minutes! I?ll take photos, while you get into his limo, and see if you can get any evidence! Good luck!? He hung up. Jack looked at Matt, and his wife. ?I?m sorry. I have to go. It?s an emergency.? He grabbed his jacket, and made his way to the door. ?About what?? Matt asked. ?I?m going to put a very dangerous man in prison, if I?m lucky. I?ll be home soon. Don?t worry.? He ran out the door, and Matt went back to his cake.

The warehouse district has come a long way, even though it was on the boarder of old Gotham. The district was now state of the art, and cleaner than it used to be many years ago. The warehouses were made of steel, and no longer wood. They had security systems that were nearly impossible to get by, but hackers still could get passed them if they were skilled enough. A black limo pulled up the side of a warehouse. Mr. Fixit got out of the drivers front, and opened the back door for Powers. Powers got out, and smiled. Business looked good tonight. Very good. Fifteen armed guards in light grey armor ran over to join powers. ?Sir? Are you okay?? One guard asked. Powers nodded. ?Yes, I?m fine. Is everything ready?? ?Yes, sir. All of it.? Powers and Mr Fiixit made their way into the warehouse.

On a rooftop across the street, Jack McGuiness and his partner Ben Lawrence watched Powers and the warehouse with binoculars. Ben put the binoculars to his eyes, and switched to infa-red. ?There are about, seventeen of them. Hey, Powers left his limo! Jack, your up.? Jack stood up, and felt the small code breaker in his right pocket. He quickly got to elevator, and made his way to the limo. He knelt beside the limo, keeping hidden from whoever would be watching. The limo?s doors were magnetically locked by computer codes. That?s how all car doors worked this way. Key locks were a thing of the past, making cars easier steal. But still, ways are always found. Jack placed a small black box over the magnetic sensor, and pressed the one of three buttons on the front. A few seconds later, the box beeped. The door was unlocked. Jack opened the door, and slipped inside the limo. He took out his pen light, and shined it around in the inside. He noticed something small and shiny on the back seat. A disk. Jack picked it up, and looked at it. He popped it into the built in computer in the back seat of the limo. He watched the screen come to life with antipation of something important. He watched a few people come on screen. He noticed that one was Powers, and behind him, Mr. Fixit his bodyguard. He was shaking hands with a tall man in robes and a turban. Powers motioned to Mr. Fixit who gave the man in the robes a metal case with letters on it. ?Freeze. Zoom in.? The screen camera zoomed in on the case showing the numbers ?33582-X?. Jack gasped. Those are components used to make military weapons. Powers was selling weapons to terrorists. This could finally put Powers out of power. He shoved it into his jacket pocket, and ran out of the limo, shutting the door behind him. Ben was across the street having a smoke. ?Ben!? Ben looked up from his cigarette. ?What?? Jack ran across the steet, to his partner, and pulled the disk out of his pocket. ?I found some thing we could use! Evidence that Powers is crooked.? Ben took the disk, and looked at it. ?Great! We got the info we need! Now we have to..? ?You have to do nothing. ? Ben and Jack turned around, looking at the muzzle of a gun pointed at them. A armed guard was looking straight at them. ?I think Mister Powers would like to see this.? Ben dropped to one leg, and kicked at the guard?s shin. The guard fell over, and Ben and Jack ran in different directions. The guard stood up, and fired at Jack hitting him in the back of the leg. Jack fell over on to the cold hard pavement, stunned. The guard fired a few shots at Ben, hitting him in the shoulder. Ben kept running, but was bleeding badly. The guard walked over to Jack. ?Let?s go see Mr. Powers, shall we??

Jack opened his eyes, to see Mr. Fixit standing over him. ?He?s awake, sir.? Fixit grabbed Jack, and made him sit up against the wall. Powers walked over, grinning. ?Hello Mister..McGuiness isn?t it?? Powers looked at McGuiness ID card. ?Let?s see. Father of two, Terry 17, and Matthew 12. How nice. How are they?? Jack didn?t answer. ?Allow me to introduce my associate, Mr. Fixit. He?s a master of his craft. Fixit, show Jack your what you do to people who don?t mind their business.? Fixit took a long knife out of his jacket pocket, and came into view. He raised the knife, and plunged it into Jack?s left eye. Jack screamed in pain, and blood oozed from his eye. Fixit took the knife, and cut off Jack?s right hand. Jack screamed again, blood turning the grey floor a dark scarlet. The blade came down again, and again, tearing flesh, spattering blood. When Fixit was done. It looked like Jack?s body went through a machine. Fixit?s jacket was covered in dry blood, and he looked at his handiwork. Powers came back, and saw the mutilated corpse of the reporter. Powers knew that Fixit would ?fix? things, so to speak. ?Good work. Please clean up this mess, if you please. Leave no evidence, and dispose of the body.? Fixit nodded.

Terry left the diner, feeling a little better, but not a lot. At times Terry wished that he was legal so he could get a beer. He crossed the street, and made his way toward the subway that was a few blocks away. Terry stopped. He heard shallow breathing from an alley. Terry turned, ready for a fight. ?Terry?? Terry knew that voice. ?Ben? I remember you! You?re my father?s partner!? Ben stumbled out of the alley, and fell to one knee. He was bleeding badly from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. His clothes were caked with blood, and he was barely breathing. ?Terry..Here..Take this disk..Take it.. to the police?? Terry bent down. ?Don?t speak. I?m calling an ambulance.? ?No?It?s too late?Good luck..Terry..? Ben flopped lifelessly to the ground. Terry picked up the fallen disk. ?Alright, Ben. Sorry. Damn..What a waste.? Terry pulled out his cell phone, and called 911.

An hour later, Terry was still on the streets. He avoided the ambulance, because the cops didn?t really like or trust him. He did some things that got him put in juvie, and that reputation stuck. He was almost at the subway, when he saw an ambulance and police cars outside a building. He was walking away, when he noticed something out the comer of his eye. The body being loaded into the ambulance looked familiar. Could it be? No. It couldn?t be. Terry ran over to the scene. He ran up to a paramedic. ?Hey! Hey! Who?s that under the sheet?! ? The paramedic looked at Terry, and scratched his head. ?Um..Why do want to know?? ?I think I know him! Who is it?!? The paramedic sighed. ?Jack McGuiness. Why?? Terry?s eyes widened. ?No. NO! DAD!? Terry ran from the scene, tears streaming down his face. Terry wasn?t sure how long he ran, but when he stopped, he was deep in Old Gotham. He was standing outside the rusted gates of a old mansion. He pounded his fists against the bars of the fence. ?DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!? Terry felt a stab of guilt. If he didn?t tell off his father..If he kept his cool, his dad would still be alive. Footsteps. ?Hiya McGuiness!? Terry looked up. Jokerz. Nine, no ten of them. ?Nice to see ya in our neighborhood! We remember the last time you beat the shit out of us. And it?s time to pay the piper!? The Jokerz took out knives, clubs, and pipes from their multi colored clothes. Terry readied himself. He was ready for a fight. ?Get off my property.? Said a deep voice. And old man dressed in black with a cane by his side walked into view from the shadows. ?You are trespassing.? He said. One of the Jokerz laughed. ?Watch your tongue, old man! We?re the Jokerz!? The old man smiled. ?Sure you are.? One of the Jokerz pointed at them both. ?Slag them!? A joker ran at the old man with a pipe. The old man ducked, and delived a fierce punch to the thug?s jaw. The joker went down, and the old man grabbed his cane, hitting another thug in the face. Terry was holding his own against a couple thugs as well. He was so mad, everything was a blur. He punched one in the face breaking his nose, he kicked out, sending two others toppling into each other. Terry took two others, and slammed their heads together. They fell to the ground in a heap. Terry turned to the old man. He couldn?t believe it. The old man was still standing, surrounded by unconnious Jokerz. ?Wow. You did all that?? The old man was breathing heavily, and gasping. ?Medicine?My pills..inside..? Terry ran to the old man?s side. ?My pills?inside?you?Get them..? Terry knew what he had to do. He climbed over the fence, and ran as fast as he could toward the manor. Terry pulled at the door, and to his surprise it wasn?t locked. Terry went inside the darkened hall. He couldn?t really see, but he had no time for that. He ran into a room with a large oak desk, and he pulled open a drawer. Pills. Good. Terry was about to pick them up and leave, when he heard a squeaking noise. He looked in the direction of the squeaking at a large Grandfather clock. In the glass face, was a trapped bat? ?A bat?? Terry said. ?How could a bat..? He opened the glass panel, freeing the bat, and he felt a cool breeze blow. A secret door? In a grandfather clock? Terry?s curiosity was peaked, so he opened the back of the clock, revealing a long stone staircase. Terry went down it, feeling like he walked into an old mystery film. The steps came to an end, and Terry noticed in the gloom, a power switch on the wall. He grabbed it, and pulled it down. Bright lights came on, flooding the cave with light. Terry couldn?t belvie it. A jet black car was parked on the other side of the cave. To his left, were a giant penny and a T-rex looming near it. Large pieces of furnature were covered with white sheets. Near the largest piece of furnature, was a case filled with coustumes. Five of them. One of which looked familiar. It was black and grey, with a large black bat on its chest. It had a long black cape, and a mask with tall pointed ears on top of it. Next to it, was a jet black one, with a large red bat on its chest. It too had a mask with large ears on top its head. Terry gasped. That old man. He is..Was Gotham?s legendary protector, Batman. Terry saw the reflection of the old man in the glass case. Terry turned to and looked right at him. The old man?s eyes narrowed. Terry knew he was in deep trouble. More than usual.

End chapter one

[COLOR=Blue]Did you like it? Post here, and tell me what you thought. Thanks for reading!

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