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Anime Tenshi ni Narumon

Guest Gumi

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Hello everyone!

I'd just like to start a thread about this quite wierd and mostly unappreciated anime. Is there any one who knows/likes it?
Honestly, first I wasn't convinced myself to watched these series. What scared me at most was probably that wierd opening clip with some dancing houses and bright, neon-bright coloures... I wouldn't probably bother to give it a second look if I didn't know that there is some yaoi going out there (and I as you can guess am a fan of it ^_~) So I took a look at the second half of the series and here I am, totally in love.
In fact I'm not so much into anime and manga (I used to be when I was younger - I watched everything I could get) I like older series - new ones rather annoy me with their rather repeatable formulas (just my opinion)
I'm much more into Japanese culture and language, because that's what I'm studying currently, but Tenshi ni Narumon really has captured my heart. It has this unusual mix of fluffy cheerfulness and dark, almost creepy undertones and so many other things that made me watching this series over and over again, even if for some time I give it a rest and turn to something else...
It's really a shame that so few among anime fans know that such a series even exist... I hope to changed it (well, just hope ^_~)

So what do you think? I hope to see your opinions on plot, characters, music etc

On the side note: if there's someone who knows where could I possibly find Tenshi ni Narumon OST 2 and 3?
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