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Request Ragnarok Ava/Banner Set [Pretty complicated... just a warning.]


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[size=1]All right, I know, I should slow down, but I am having serious mood swings, and although I still love my current banner and ava, it's not the mood I'm in.

I have three banners I made, but I need someone to merge them into one banner, fade in the first, fade out, fade in the second, fade out, and fade in the third. Not only that, I need words added to them, one at a time. ^_^; This is going to be a lot of work, but I hope you can all do it.



This is the first one, and on it, I would like to have: I have my own life, my own decisions to make...



Second: SOmetimes I need help, and need someone to show me the way...



Third: But all in all, its my life. I can do this my self. And then my name.










And for those, could you just put my name at the end on the last one? Whoever thinks they can do this, thank you sososososososo much!

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