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Anime Best Anime Girl Tournament R1 M7: Ayeka (Tenchi) vs. Kaola (Love Hina)


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Match 6, and the deal's still the same:

My only rule is to not spam up these threads. Don't just post the character that you voted for's name. If you're going to say who you voted for, then explain why you voted for who you voted for, even if that explanation is just quoting someone that shares your sentiments. It doesn't need to be complicated. Even something as simple as "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot more spunk than Rei" or "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot of spunk" will work. So long as it has more substance than "Asuka" or "Asuka's better", its fine.

As much as I hate to say it, Kaola's probably going to win here. Characters like her and Ed fom Bebop seem to be well-liked for some stupid reason or another. And people seem to find Ayeka annoying...

Ayeka Jurai (Tenchi Muyo)


Kaolla Su (Love Hina)

This is the first case in this tournament where I love one of the characters and absolutely despise the other. Ayeka's really one of those characters where I can't really explain why I like her... maybe because she's lady-like (when Ryoko's not involved) without being a clingy push over. I'd be rooting for her to take Tenchi [spoiler]if she weren't Tenchi's great aunt.[/spoiler] On the other hand, Kaola always got on my nerves to the extreme. (Except for when the red moon showed up, then she looked cute and acted normal. But I can't really count that as part of character, since it was such a rare occurance.) I'd teach that little brat a lesson if she tried to wake me up by kicking me in the face. Not to mention that she kept on trying to eat Tama-chan. I was hoping that Motoko would eventually get tired of her and cut her in half. Her and Sarah. (I knew that it was in vein.) Did I forget to mention Ayeka looks 1000X better than Kaola? Stupid lollicon fanatics...
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I'd have to strongly disagree with you, and this time I actually have back up, seeing as I have seen both animes :animesmil I think Ayeka is a dimwit...she was always to serious and really clumsy too...but Kaola Su always entertained me with her zany antics and her crazy technology...pigtails are a real knockout for me too *ding ding* :animenose LOL I vote for Kaola Su!!!
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[quote name='"Jahjahwarrior17"']...pigtails are a real knockout for me too *ding ding* [/quote]

She looks like a 12 year old, man!

...You need to stay away from little kids!

You should see the Tenchi OVA too, if you consider yourself a Tenchi fan and haven't seen it already.

Ayeka dimwitted? Naw, she's no genius, but I wouldn't call her stupid either. More like average I.Q. And she's definitely not clumsy. Are you sure that you don't have Ayeka confused with Mihoshi?



Come on, guys! Its not like either of these two are unknown characters! You've got to have an opinion on at least one of them!
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its been too long since ive watched any of the Tenchi thingys to remember much about Ayeka, but i have the Love Hina manga, so Su still rings fresh in my memory. i dont care if she is 12, or however old she is, she's great, and if u make her mad, she'll kick your ***** no problem!

as it says above, i vote for Su!

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An OVA is a direct-to-video release. FLCL, for example, was released as an OVA in Japan.

Though I'm a little shocked at myself, I voted for Ayeka--which is kind of odd given that I've always been a semi-rabid Ryoko fan, but it's not as if this is a Ryoko vs. Ayeka contest to begin with. Anyway, Ayeka is tolerable once you take Tenchi and Ryoko out of the equation, and she's certainly a lot better looking than the Love Hina character. So there you have it.

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I never really got why so many people find Ayeka annoying...

She has a stupid accent, but that's the fault of the VA, no the character.


A tie, huh? Well, you know how this goes. Check the thread in my sig if you don't.

Sorry about the late update, BTW. I explained why its late in the other thread.
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[quote name='Jahjahwarrior17']:animeswea :animeswea Maybe it was Mihoshi...oh well...I never like Ayeka anyway...nope, I haven't seen the Tenchi OVA...what the heck is in oVA anyway :animeswea[/quote]

OVA: Original Video Anime. As Dagger said, its a direct-to-video release. They don't usually air on cable in Japan, nor do they hit the movie theaters. For the most part, they're short 2-6 episode stories. FLCL, Gatekeepers 21, and the Read or Die "movie" that AS aired are a few OVAs that you might be familiar with. The Tenchi OVAs are each 6 episodes long, and they've released 2 of them here. The third one is going to be released in June. You might as well count the all as one series though, since they all take place one right after the other.

Anyways... Since there's a tie here, I look to how many posters sided with Ayeka and how many posters sided with Kaola.

Ayeka: 2
Kaola: 3

[b]Here is your winner... Kaola Su![/b]

*sigh* One of my favorites falls to one of two characters on the bracket that's on my list of "beat the crap of them if they were real" anime characters. (the other being Anita... but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it)

I never got why so many people hate Ayeka. She's a little childish around Ryoko and she has an annoying VA, but I can't see why that alone would gather such a large anti-fanbase. Really, aside from what I just mentioned, she doesn't have any stand-out negative features...
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