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Request Could some make me a Wolf's Rain banner/avi


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If it's not to much trouble could someone make me a banner and avi with Kiba from Wolf's Rain

On the banner I would like it to have a calm sorta happy looking pic of Kiba in his human form and like have his wolf form faded in the backround and have it say "Lord Chaos" somewhere.And on the avi just a calm looking pic of Kiba and if you want to add anything to the avi go for it

Thank you in advance to anyone who trys :D :D :D

[color=teal]Try to include the subject of the banner in the thread title, as people have a tendancy to play to their strengths when it comes to responding to requests. ^_^ -Syk3[/color]
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i had a go at it and...this is all i could come up with, considering i just started...

if you like it just use it but i would like some feedback and wouldnt be hurt or angry if you just told me it sux :animesigh



maybe it isnt [I]exactly[/I] to specifications...
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[quote name='chaoschris89']Thank you its great the backround is awsome I've been making sigs and stuff with like psp7-9 for a year and a half and my creations dont turn out this good thanks alot :D[/quote]

well thanks alot for the compliment
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