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RPG The Multiverse- Last Stand (M-L,V, possible S)


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Particapants are as follows:

chrono-flash playing as: Shinji Hamayaki

Latharix_sama playing as: Chroma

alchemist2120 playing as: Jin Long

elementalshadow playing as: Freya

Me, Drake06 playing as: Kron

Alright, right now we are all starting at a training base, Lone, on planet Trunus. It's a large planet in the universe of Gyser. The gravity is 10 times stronger than that of Earth. Lush tropical forests cover the entire globe. The planet is filled with extremely deadly creatures, some have not been discovered yet. The base is a 5,000 acre training facility. It has ten bunks that fit up to 10,000 men each. The latrine facilities are placed 200 feet from the bunks. There is a gigantic mess hall where all of the trainies are placed.

We are each a member of one squad, consisting of, well just us. Or trainer is a stern man named Kyrn. His powers far surpass ours so it's better not to mess with him. He is training us as a special ops squad, we get the toughest training of all because we accepted the genetic modifications so therefore we should be strong enough to last. Others despise us because they think that we are no longer human. So we are nicely avoided by everyone else. Oh yeah, we don't know what our powers are yet.

Start off arriving in a space ship. Each of us arrive in a different one. Landing on the platform and being sent into a hidden room. We will continue from there.

The sea of trees, miles below the descending shuttle, seemed to wave at the ship, greeting it as it arrived. The shuttle jetted forward, pulling through the thick atmosphere. The intercom blared through the shuttle.

"Get ready recruits. It's time to wake up and prepare to leave the ship. Your voyage is over." The intercom clicked shut and groans filled the air.

One good looking young man sat quietly looking out the window, mesmerized by the waving sea of trees. He was deep in thought, wondering how the genetic modifications had changed him. He still felt the same, as far as he could tell, nothing had changed at all. Something knocked him on the head, shocking him from his thoughts.

"What the heck was that for?!?" He shouted as someone snickered. Almost everyone was giggling.

"Oops, sorry about that freak." The words came from a tall barrel chested man, grinning at the young man to taunt him. "What are you going to do about it?"

The young man glared back at him and said, "Oh it's you, Bret the hulking idiot. Next time you get up, watch your blubber will you?"

The older man growled as he reached for the young man. The ship suddenly jerked as it landed, knocking the aggressor flat on his face. Some people tried to muffle their laughter as Bret tried to get up. He growled angrily as he scrambled up, reaching for the younger man's throat. The shuttle door slid open, exotic air filled the compartment.

"Stop there trooper." Someone said in a deep comanding voice. "Unless you want to be whipped 100 times and sent to latrine duty."

The hulk, Bret stopped reaching for the young man and turned around, facing the newcomer. It was a tall hard looking man. He had one long scar running down his face from his forhead to his chin. One of his eyes was replaced by a small orb. Both the artificial and real eye was staring at Bret. Bret, being the idiot that he was, leaped at the officer.

It happened so quickly that no one really saw what happened. One moment, Bret was running and the next, he was flat on the ground, 100 feet away. The Officer stood in the hatchway, seemingly undisturbed.

"Do any of you other Earthlings want to test my patience?" He inquired sternly. "If not then we shall begin. You are on planet Trunus of the Gyser universe. This training base is called Lone. Here is where most of you will be trained to use state of the art weaponry. The others, if you are on this list, will follow me and recieve further instructions."

The young man watched the officer turn and leave the shuttle. He wondered, "How are we supposed to know if we are on the list of that guy didn't even call our names?" He grabbed his bag and stood up. He walked forward, following the other people out of the shuttle. He descended the stairs, watching people before him as they seemed to struggle trying to walk. His own feet hit the ground and he almost fell to his knees, the gravitational force was overwhelming.

"What the hell?!?" The young man shouted as he stood up again, struggling to stay standing. "Why the hell is it so hard to stand?" He could see some people far away from the landing platform, laughing their heads off. He clenched his jaws and took one slow step forward, dragging his impossibly heavy pack bahind him.

"Kron, I presume?" It was the officer again. "Come with me." The man easily loped away, leaving Kron to struggle on his own.

"What the hell is happening now?" Kron said as he followed the skipping officer.

The officer led him through the maze of buildings, not slowing down to see if Kron was keeping up. Kron continued shuffling along, he felt like a 300 pound weight had been placed on his back along with 100 pound sand bags strapped onto his feet. Every step was a struggle, his pack only made it worse.

"Hurry up recruit." The officer shouted as he strode away. "Don't worry, before you know it, you'll be used to the gravity." He turned into a side alley, away from Kron's view. Kron struggled for another minute before he was able to reach the mouth of the alley which was only twenty feet away.

The officer stood at the end of the alley, holding a stone colored door open. Kron trudged forward and entered the room, it was flooded with a bright light source, seeming to come from the walls.

"Wait here," The officer told him, "others will join you soon." The officer turned and left the room.

Kron just sat down on a chair, completely exhausted from his short walk. "This is going to be fun, I can tell already." Kron said in a sarcastic voice as he leaned back and closed his eyes.

OOC: Now it's your turn. Please post often so that I can get this rpg going smoothly. :animeswea
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The ship was finally starting to slow down. "If I have to stay on this ship for one more minute with these morons... I don't know what I'll do." Freya said to herself as the ship began to land. "Hey, Jane of the Jungle, didn't anyone tell you there are no pets allowed." A strange man in frount of her said, trying to get to her. "No, too bad to. I would have warned the pilot about you." She replied an evil smirk on her face.
Just then the hatch door opened flooding the compartment with bright light. "Alright, everyone! Gather your belongings and line up to the right!" A burly man wearing an ornamented uniform yelled to the passengers. As Freya approached the door the officer pulled her aside. "No, not you. You come with me."
He said leaving the steps of the ship. Freya did the same but the minute her foot left the platform she felt an unbelievable force pull her down. "Damn!" She said above the laughter coming from the crowd. "You'll get used to that." He remarked looking at her pathetic attempt to catch up with him.

After a struggle with gravity she finally got to the frame of the door he was holding for her. "Get in, be quiet." He said as the door shut loudly. Total darkness filled the room, such darkness that Freya couldn't see her hand in frount of her face.
"Welcome to Lone, satisfaction guaranteed or your DNA back." She thought after finding a chair.[/COLOR]
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Long sighed as the ship entered the new atmosphere,"I have a quaint feeling that this will be a long trip." after he looked out the window for about two minutes, he saw the ground."That didnt take long." A minute later the ship had landed on the ground with a hard jerk. The lanky man sitting next to him grabbed Long's hair as he stood up,"Sorry 'bout that. Couldnt help it with the mop you got." A few people around them started to laugh. Long slowly stood up and smiled as he jerked his head, sending his hair around his neck,"Well. I dodnt know a mop could be attached to a head. I thought it had to be attached to a stick. Lookie there. You already have one part done. You look like a twig." The lanky man reared his hand back and swung at Long. Long ducked and palmed the guy right in the chest. A few other soldiers stood up as a high ranking officer opened the cabin door,"What the hell is all that noise? File your asses out." He urned around and quickly made his way down the stairs.

As long exited to ship, he had a hard time lifting his feet,"Almost forgot. Gravity is stronger." HE slowly managed to make is way down the stairs as the officer stoped him,"You. Jin Long is it? Come with me." Long slowly fallowed as the officer walked as nothing were wrong,"Its Long. And where are we going?" He didnt even turn around, but walked into a bunk room,"Stay here and dont screw around." HE walked off after saying that with a cold remark. Long slowly made his way in and saw another recruit sitting in a chair,"Pretty strong isnt it? The gravity." The other soldier nodded as Long sat down in a bunk.
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Chroma sat quietly as the ship came to a stop. She had managed to survive the whole trip without interacting with anyone. For it was people that scared her the most.
She didn't know for sure how the DNA modifications changed her. In fact, she didn't know anything. The precedure had badly damaged her brain and changed her body. A doctor diagnosed her with amnesia, gave her a new name, filled her in with a few important facts, and it was off to a new world for her. All she really knew was that human beings were NOT supposed to be all white, unless you're old or something. Chroma felt like a total freak.
She quickly stepped off the ship, ready to get it all over with, but the force of the gravity knoked her small frame to the ground. She wearily pushed herself up and ignored the roaring laughter of the others.
An officer gave her a look and crooked his finger to signal her to follow. She followed him silently to a room filled with two or three people. She found a seat and tried her hardest not to make contact.
Chroma twiddled her thumbs and waited for what was coming next.
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