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Writing my words of thoughts [E]

dark king

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where many say who is false
only one can say who is real
a sound of twillight echoes within a soul
when one is, where one will stay
where one can make
and one can say
the truth behind the meaning
the truth inside a name

beyond is where the thoughts lie
connected by a star
from any distance i shall be close
a pathway to aid in life
to stray away from death
your face shall be the resting point
of eternal grace

see before, see behind
see aside, see when blind
see around, see within
see delight, see the sin
see beneath the underneath
see beyond a shell of skin
see within immortal mind
your eyes where you shall find me in

engulfed by your fire
lit a flame in my soul
passion bound with lust
consumed by our desires
thoughts of pleasure
kisses of delight
ever changing rythms
of the beating of our hearts
the warmth of our souls
with warm touches of our skin
breathing eachother`s essence
sweat from our begin
silent laughter soft inside
untill the first daylight


things are known and all is old
but i tell things things that are foretold
not from future but from past
in any timeline i have been last

ancient history repeats itself
take a book from any shelf
and read what i foretold you
another time to go to

after death i am too late
and i rejoice when i meet fate
the end is nigh destruction flow
untill the next time i lay low

to get together untill we meet
again when rises does the heat
and then the words that i bestow
are simply put "i told you so"


as a river flows so fine
this river lies remote
despair across the shore`s line
this river carries just one boat

a prize upon lord hades crown
with lost souls that can never drown

this river full of careless souls
their bodies wrapped in loins
where they forgot to pay their tolls
their mouths they hold no coins

a path that runs to hades town
the ferry takes them up and down

present your price to all who come
they do have a choice
remain back here or pay this som
one coin to pass says charon`s voice

all the souls that stay in here for all eternity a pain they cannot fix
you won`t be the last to come to me my name is Styx

[B]dark sky[/B]

endless goes the darkness in a heart
followed by it`s rythmic continiuality
a sound of silence, controlled by echoes of thought

bright it is, a clear fog of emptyness
guided by it`s uncontrolled force
filling the air with visionless clouds

where does it all go to
from this point it once began
this sky moving through the others

not just air, but essence it holds too
clouded by the eclipse of nature`s motion
still and steady untill the context is ready to be shown

this content in one soul, the deepness of this vessel
where others can only dream
and the one that is can awaken from this grey veil

and enter this dark sky as a new successor


ask yourself this question, what is my purpose...
for some this is known and layed out
for others it is a path yet to discover

you can wander all your life searching
and not know what your purpose has been
yet it would not be a waste of life

i hold no key to others purposes
although my purpose is to show others their way
and when my task is done i must go

i search all my life for people who i must lead
just for a short time i give my knowledge
and my visions of the worlds i must prepare for

i must save them all by showing others their path
even though i am gifted with death to help them
it is that very essence that makes me move on

i fight, through every lifetime
through all fates therefore i hold them
i could judge but i won`t

this power closed and wielded
untill my time comes to awaken from my slumber
and protect all i have shown their roads

and so when i am sent away
my faith falls and so do we
and the war of all worlds is lost by our side

so for as long i fail with my gift of death
i need my time to correct my errors
so untill i succeed with my gift of Animae

i bid you farewell and my apollogies for my faillure yet again...

well rate them if you like, i am currious if it`s interresting at al.
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