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Writing bloodmist hospital [V-Gore-M]

dark king

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This is a genjutsu i made wich has the properties of the Mangekyou Sharingan`s Tsukiyomi.
this is a very cruel, tormentous sick genjutsu.
The Tsukiyomi refers to 72 hours yet in the series the secuence of one second lasted for 30 seconds so altogeher calculated you end up being stuck in it for 114 days.

You wake up in a hospital bed, totally confused.
Everything looks normal at first, but...
You see a bloodred light from outside, the sky is filled with penetrating fear.
You see the wallls move like thick fluid and that the room is gloomy darkened as you get out of bed.
You hear dampened screams in your bed wile you are still messed up in your head.
You enter the door and you find yourself in a bloodmisted hall wich is filled with bodies dismembered and mutilated.
Suddenly you feel that you are watched and hunted.
You start to run as you see a monster like shadow, but as you run you only move slowly.
Wile running there are 2 things that can happen: you didn`t make it to the door and the shadow starts to eat you and at the point of death you can start reading this from the start again.
Or you make it to the door and you are safe for the monster.
Now you stand in front of a mirror and you see your reflection, it is not really you because the reflection looks evil and it starts to move on it`s own.
Then it steps out of the mirror and grabs you, and your eyes go dark and you see the massacre in the hospital hall, how your reflection slaughtered them.
Then you see a bright light and it turns away and you see a mirror on the ceiling and you see yourself lying on a surgery bed with your reflection with some surgery tools.
You cannot move but you feel the pain as he slowly scrapes away your skin and put salt on you body to increase the pain.
Then when he is done he removes your eyelids so you cannot close you eyes so you will see the full horror of what is happening to you.
Then he starts on your lips and removes them from nose till chin.
then he cuts open your cheeks and scrapes a layer off your tongue and flushes a salt solution through your mouth wich burns like hell.
Then hooks are set into your muscles and stretch up your muscles close from ripping them appart.
Then with a dull blade he makes cuts into them.
Then he removes your genitals and puts acid on the spot where they used to be.
Then he will part muscle from bone and starts to saw your bones in halfway through because of the nerves that run through your bones will cause great pain.
Then he will cut open your head and cut little pieces out of your brain, only leaving you alive because of the insignificant parts are taken.
Then he takes 30 cm long spikes heats them up and drives them into your feet into a part of the leg and starts moving the spikes.
Then he takes more spikes and heats them and pierces them through your chest untill they stick out at the back, and from the front of your arms and legs you feel yourself spiked to the bed.
Then he gets the chains and attatch them through your wrists and your back and then attaches the hooks on a rig and he hoists you face-down with the bed on your back pressing it`s weight down on you and the spikes.
Then he removes the spikes in your body and you bleed to death.
Then you see a flash and you can start reading from the top again.
all this torture wile a soulless voice counts down the time with this sentence:
In this realm of pain i control you and your pain, every pain is a new one, every second takes a life age, time remaining: 113 days, 23 hours and 30 seconds.
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Hrm...unpleasent. Though I am not familliar with Mangekyou Sharingan`s Tsukiyomi, I get the general picture. The only thing I see wrong with this piece, is the description of the operating table from the spikes on. I don't have a clear picture of just what he's doing at that point, painful as it sounds.
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