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Writing Bad Days [Rated G, PG at most]

JT Darkfire

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One of society's most popular forms of poetry is music. It expresses the artists' thoughts and feelings (or at least the writers', anyway.) in a rhythmic and audibly pleasurable manner. This is an attempt I made long ago when trying to deal with my depression. Please keep in mind that this uses an alternative-rock style.

[CENTER][I]Bad Days

Do you ever feel the need
To run into traffic at full speed?
Man, life can really suck.
Do you ever hear them say
That sooner or later it'll be okay?
Yeah, you're just stuck in a rut.
Well I hope that it's true, you know I really do,
But today just seems to bite.
But with a hint of chance and a second glance
Things could turn out all right.

But Bad Days/ They're all I seem to find
Bad Days/ I wish I could hit rewind
'Cause things just weren't as bad before.
Bad Days/ I wish I could turn back time
Bad Days/ Back to when things were all fine
Man, I don't like these days no more.

Do you ever want to cry
But a close friend happens to walk by?
So you just keep it all inside.
Does it ever get so bad
That everything just seems to make you mad?
Oh, life takes you for a ride.
Broken dreams and hateful schemes
I see them all around
But through it all, no matter how small
There's still hope to be found

Bad Days/ They're all that I can see
Bad Days/ Right there in front of me
Things could get better any day.
Bad Days/ It's all uphill from here
Bad Days/ There's no need to fear
Soon all the pain will go away.[/I][/CENTER]
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Some of the slang kind of got on my nerves, man, but some lines like "Broken dreams and hateful schemes" were really good. I like the topic, not as extreme as a lot of the material on OB, and something everyone can relate to. 9/10. good work, man.
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