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Request Samurai Champloo Request


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I would like to request a banner and avatar set containing this picture:


Make the avatar squarly show Mugen's head. No need for borders or anything. I like the pic the way it is. For the banner, make the image a little further to the left, showing he kanji symbols, and have in the lower left corner, in any kind of bold font, the word "MUGEN".

Thats all, no banners, no added nothing other than the word in the banner. I thank all those who attempt. Thank you.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]This was actually kinda simple, even with round-about instructions(which I hope I got right), so I decided to do this tonight. ^_^



You like?[/size]
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[B]Whoa![/B] I love it! Its great, thanks! I really like the inverted image on the banner, thats awesome! A thousand thanks! Its better than I could have expected.[/color][/size]
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[size=1]^_^; You're welcome. Actually, the word you're thnking of is flipped, dearest. Inverted is more like this.


Still, glad you like.[/size]
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