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Writing Lifeless Soul

Guest Musicisonlyme

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Guest Musicisonlyme
I thought I would post one of the poems that I have written a while, back I hope you all like it, and any comments are welcome.

Lifeless Soul

This sadness that builds inside me grows.
It's overflowing, it's un-commanding.
My thoughts of love were always true to me,
It never seemed to be the same for love .

Feeling all the lies love said, makes it rain;
The tears that are shed so forbiddenly.
Falling into the hands of regret, sighing.
Caring for nothing at all, not even life.

These thoughts are so painful, why;
Being so blind to the truth of the reality.
Knowing that it would never work out,
Seeing my life fail before my tear shed eyes.

This love has lied to my heart, and soul,
Thinking that my life will never feel anymore.
Turning my back to love, stabbing the wound it builds,
Hoping this life will end soon, only for the sake of my soul.
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