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Gaming Icons-Otaku version


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[SIZE=1]Welcome everyone to the otaku?s version of Icons. So this isn?t going to die down in the first couple hours here is the general format of which you can post about. In any case in gaming history please remember not to spoil anything. So please put spoiler tags on everything [SPOILER][/SPOILER] that must be kept secret. Nobody wants someone to ruin the ending of Final Fantasy X when [SPOILER]Tidus must leave. Poor Yuna I will mourn with you.[/SPOILER] Now as I was saying the purpose of this thread is to get you to talk about your favorite games weather it be old or new and give us some history high lights. Like if you like the Star wars genre give us highlights such as why it was created. If the game happens to be the original please just give us information. Now for my gaming history.

As you well know the Final Fantasy genre has captured millions not only in America but in Japan as well. These graphics have advanced since the two dimensional side scroller to the new 3-d graphics by Wong Chu. I for one find it interesting to go back to FFII to play a couple of games with the in time gaming. Everything may be 2-d side scrolling but it is great to sit back, relax and play out the story line for the day. I really like it when you fight the final boss. The music is great for a SNES system. Let?s not forget, my favorite character in that game, Rydia. She is green. She is also your black magic [SPOILER]*****[/SPOILER] I love Rydia.

Happy Posting[/SIZE]
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