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I've decided that I just want a legato signature. Sry for the misunderstaning :D I want this signature as dark and gothic is possible. Sry if I sound to demanding :D

[U]banner details[/U]
style: [I]Gothic/dark[/I]
character: [I]Legato BlueSummers[/I]
text: [I]Paradise lost[/I]

can anyone please make me this banner?
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[QUOTE=Ozymandius Jones]Here you go...this was fun.




oh dude that looks sweet. I like your talents man very sweet, Im impressed. Sry, for acting like such a newb but damn, out of all the sigs I've seen yours is by far one of the best, and trustme, I've seen um. You got mad props dude. Thanx much...
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