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Anime News Network reader murdered.

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[B]Anime News Network Reader Murdered [/B](2005-05-21 23:12:07)

[I][COLOR=Navy]ANN would like to offer our sincerest sympathies to the family and friends of of Simon Sek Man Ng (19) and his sister, who were murdered in their home on May 12th. Simon wrote regularly in his online blog about studying Japanese, which he became interested in through anime. His final blog entry helped police arrest his assailant.[/COLOR] [/I]

[COLOR=Navy]Here is his blog:[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Navy]This is very sad news indeed. How ironic how he managed to write his last entry into his blog just before his murder. After reading his blog, Simon was truly a hard-working person who truly enjoyed the anime culture. A great life ended by a heartless person. Lesson to be learned here, never let a stranger in your house especially if he is your sister's ex-boyfriend. :(

My condolences to his family.[/COLOR]
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