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Writing Unknown Deceit [Rated E]

Guest Musicisonlyme

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Guest Musicisonlyme
I hope you enjoy the poem, and please leave comments..^^!

[FONT=Palatino Linotype][COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2][I]Unknown Deceit[/I][/SIZE]

We live in a world of deceit, watching the lies walk steadily by,
Feeling for the lost and hope that was never there,
Calling out to the ones who hurt us the most, and helps us too.
Seeing them fall to our victorious grief, finding their own game gone.

Lying to us as they are, feeling for the sadness deep inside,
Letting the deceit take over our life, when all has failed,
With no where to run, it stays deep inside, feeling them with regret.
Waking to the silent night of lies deep within their souls,

Placing their noses where they don't belong,
Making rumors that deceives our only known soul,
Having deceit watching us close, it being nearby all the time.
Always looking back to see if it's there, betraying our every word.

The feeling of being followed is always close, it is always there.
Closer it is, the futher we feel from our reality; taking us over.
Far away does this feeling exist, but known well by friends and foes.
As they conspire with each other, finding deceit and sometimes the truth.

Finding our lost souls not where it should be, but in tragedy.
Many more times will it be lied to, making it darker than midnight.
All of this making us crazy, making our lives miserable for us all.
Soon our souls will be so dark, that they'll die from deceit.

When the soul of ours die, so will everything around us.
Taking the loved and hated that was taken by deceit,
Only making their soul break into two, one of guilt for everything.
And one that still thrives in deceits own lies, telling them it's not the end.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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