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Guest Gohan_MasankoZ

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Guest Gohan_MasankoZ
I know this has probably been posted before but what American tapes do you all have ( from FUNImation )

I have:

Arrival- Saiyan Saga
Pendulum Room- Saiyan Saga
Doom- Saiyan Saga
Immortals- Saiyan Saga
Destruction- Saiyan Saga
Showdown- Saiyan Saga
Departure- Namek Saga
Namek's End- Frieza Saga
17's End (UNCUT)- Imperfect Cell Saga
Temptation- Perfect Cell Saga
Gohan's Secret- Great Saiyaman Saga
Lord Slug (UNCUT)
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[SIZE=1]Dragonball (1)-uncut
DragonBallZ (the one you get from Burger King, lol)
DragonBallZ-Tree of Might-uncut
DragonBallZ-The World's Strongest-uncut

By DragonBall (#) I mean of the first 13 original eps, which are among 6 tapes and of those six tapes I have 1,2, and 6[/SIZE]
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Guest Majin Gohan
I have the Freeza saga uncut and the Trunks and Android sagas all uncut but I bought all those a year ago. I started buying subs and the Funi DVDs which have the original Japanese version on them. On the DVDs I only bought the World Tournament saga.
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