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The Tragically Hip - Do you know them?


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[COLOR=DarkRed]I made this thread because I am a dedicated Hip Head, seen them live several times, and have delved into each and every song to date. I can tell you, they are alot deeper than they appear. Example. The song Nautical Disaster combines the story of The Bismark with incredible musical talent. Gus The Polar Bear From Central Park combines the amusing thought of a Polar Bear named Gus with utter poetry. Lastly, the song Fireworks explains how The Hip are disgusted with the music industry of late, which constantly comes out with bands he calls "fireworks" bands that try to cash in on the latest fads. They dazzle you for a second, outshine the REAL stars (I.e classical rock musicians) and then fade away, the stars shining on.

So my question to you is this, does anyone (Primarily American) actualy KNOW The Tragically Hip? I really would like to know, because The Hip have always been, basically, the defiening artist of the Canadian music scene (Along with Trooper, Rush, and Triumh)[/COLOR]
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