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RPG Fruit Basket 2: The next Generation

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]OOC:Sorry it took so long my coniction was all messed up.

IC: Yukin waited sitting on the higest branch of the tree. He was growing impaicent. Kyo knew that he hated being at the main house and wanted to get to the dojo as fast as he could. There was no way he was going to risk running in to Akito's adopited daughter. Akito's daoughter's name was Si, and she had a temper larger than all of Japans islands put together. He looked down and saw Kyo walking under the tree.

"Yukin?" he said glancig up at him in the tree.
Yukin sung down a little lower and fliped out of the tree. He landed on his feet with grace.

"What took you so long uncle Kyo?"

"My kid held me up."

"Sure blame it all on the kids, what if it was acuttly your fault?" making a low kick for his head. Kyo blocked it with ease and pushed him towards the dojo. As they walked past the room where Si lived,Yukin got the feeling that someone was watching him, byt when he spun around nobody was in site.'Oh well.' he thought. when they finally arived at the dojo, they begain the lesson

[SIZE=3]OOC: Dont care about posting order, before you post make sure that you sign up is the way you want it/ finshed. And just have fun. I'll open something in thwe underground in a bit if people post.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Kokiro sat in a dark corner, covered in dark bruises and gashes. Her clothes were stained with mud and traces of blood.
She had quit her gang, and as punishment was beat to a bloody pulp.
Her mother, Kisa, paced around the room talking worriedly on the phone and looking at Kokiro out of the corner of her eye. Her father, Hiro, was sitting in an armchair facing the wall and was staring moodily at it.
They were sending her to live with some relatives in Tokyo so she could have a fresh start. Over in Osaka she had a reputation as The Bludgener.
She got on a plane heading to Tokyo. When she arrived at the Sohma mainhouse they told her that she was living with a cousin named Si. Si was the adopted daughter of the former head of household, Akito, and was rumored to have a mean streak. When she got to the building where she would be living with her cousin, she found the door locked. She knocked several times, but no answer. She stood in the walkway, waiting for someone to open the door.
It began to rain, and like any real ox, she sat down on the ground and fell asleep.
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After they finshed the lesson. Yuk grabed his jacket and walked outside it was raining.
"Man and i have to walk back."
As he walked past Si's room he saw a girl sitting on the ground sleeping. 'She must be a Sohma.' He walked over to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder, she didn't even stir.
"Aw well i need to get back to th house and cook dinner. Dad and Kyo are so lame at the kind of stuff. But at least Kyo can cook a bit."
He turened and started to walk away when he heared the girl stand up.
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Kokiro woke up when she heard someone walk away. She stood up and shouted at the boy,"Hey! Can you help me get inside? I'm all wet'n'stuff."
She must have been a fright to look at. She knew very well the effect her wet black and white hair must have on people. And her good clothes were ruined.
The boy was still standing where he was.
"Hey! My name is Kokiro! What's your name? Could you [I]please[/I] help me get inside??"
"I'm Yukin Sohma" he replied, but he still stood there.
Kokiro was about to snap.
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Raze quietly sat behind the shoma main house, meditating. The voice that he had heard a little while ago seemed to get louder and angeryer."When will people learn to try and be quiet." He slowly stood up and walked around to the front where he saw a girl yelling at Yukin. He shook his head then walked up to the pair.

"Yukin, is something wrong? i heard someones voice from the back. it was getting pretty loud." He looked up at the girl and smilled,"Hello. My name is Raze Shoma. And you are?"

"I am Kokiro. Can you help me get into the house?" She looked as though she were about to jump out and kill bothe Yukin ans Raze right there.

"Raze, werent we told that a new Shoma was going to be here tomarrow?" Yukin looked Raze.

"That we did. So you have gotten here a littly early. If you want in then you must use the doorbell. Otherwise we cant hear you, it is a big house." Raze walked over tothe door and unlocked it then turned around and headded to the back agian."Welcome to our home, Kokiro."

When he got to the back yard, he sat back down under his tree and looked up at the cloudy sky.
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[SIZE=1]Minna sat by one of the water gardens in the Sohma estate, staring at a lone cherry blossom floating on the surface.It reminded her of a teeny,pink ship.She was tempted to pick up a twig and push it around,but didn't want to "sink the ship".So she just watched it as it swirled in a light breeze.It was a poetic site in a sense.Dreamy thoughts filled her head...

Until they were interruped by loud voices.She sighed as she identified them as those of Yukin and Kyo Sohma.And another that she did not recognize.She peeked around the side of the house to see a battered looking girl standing with Yukin,Kyo and Raze,whom she had not heard speak.

"Uh...are you alright?" she asked,strolling lightly toward the group.Her question was directed at the "new girl" and she hoped she'd answer.[/SIZE]
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"I'm absolutely fine!" Kokiro grinned at the newly arrived girl. "I was just wondering how to get inside. I'm so stupid, I didn't even think to ring the bell! I'm not used to being in such a large place."
She was still smiling as she walked up the steps to the house, rang the dorrbell, and waited for someone to answer.
She turned around and said sweetily to them, "I'm sorry I made such a fuss! I just can't control myself, ya know?" then she looked at the other girl and introduced herself, "I'm Kokiro Sohma, what's your name?"
"Minna Sohma." she answered back.
The door finally opened and she picked up her suitcase and disappeared inside.
It was very large on the inside. The person who had opened the door had vanished and once again she was confused on where to go. She wandered around awhile before an elderly woman recognized her and told her where to go.
She unpacked her things and decided to go outside to explore the grounds. Maybe she would meet some more people.
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[SIZE=1]OOC-Okay not to sound cheecky or anything,but when Latharix_sama and alchemist2120 answers for someone else,itsn't that called power-playing in a sense?
But I am new to roleplaying in the OtakuBoards forum,so I have never used a "speed-up/less wait time" method.So,if someone could kindly explain this to me,I would be greatful-END OOC

Minna was a little suprised at the girls answer.She didn't look too fine.But she'd take her word for it.Realization washed over her suddenly.She must be the new Sohma that she had heard about from not only Raze,but others around the estate.

She opened her mouth to ask if Kokiro needed any help carrying her things to her room,but she dissappeared into the as fast as she had arrived.She shrugged lightly,and wandered into the house.She wasn't sure what she was going to do.Either go find Kokiro and see if she needed help with anything or to accomplish one of her lifetime goals.To speak with Si.She would stop at Si's room every once in awhile and knock lightly on the door.Sometimes she would come to the door,open it and stare at Minna when she said hello.But most of the time she would not answer the door.She wasn't obnoxious about her "mission" only rapping on the door three times lightly and none more.

She decided to try to talk to Si.It would give Kokiro some time to settle down and unpack her things.She strolled down the hallways until she reached Si's door.She took a deep breath,curled her fingers into a loose fist and [I]tap tap tapped[/I] on the door.She took a step backward and waited.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]OOC: One of my friends will be joiningv ther story. Her name is Kyo'slove91. She might be a bigger fan of this story than i am. :animeswea :animeswea

IC: Yukin glacned Around decideing wether to go home or to stay here at the main house trying not to run into any body else. He still had to make dinner and butt loads of homework to do. But at the main house he would have to chance running into Si. He shuddered.
"Whats up with you?" Raze said turing to face him
"Thinking about the chances of running into Si or the sorry excue for a cat." he said brushung his hair out of his eyes.
Yukin just shrugged and went to go and find the new chick.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=3]The phone rang at the main house and yukin lust happened to be by it. He piked it up.
"Hello is this the main house of the sohma family"
"Yes this is who is this"
"This is tetsume and I am just calling to say we are coming back to live there so if possible could you tell the owner we are coming"
"Who is we?"
"Me and my dad hatori"
There was an okward silence on the other end of the line as yukin was thinking of the name and where it came from since well no one new anything about where they were.
"Who know"yukin said with aconfussed look on his face.
"Actually don't say it I don't even care oh and your crazy for thinking that I would want to go anywhere near her"
"sorry for asking and we will be there in about five four three two one hello"
"Hello goodbye"as he said as he walked away"
man he doesn't seem like the type of person who likes to talk about his feelings towards people.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: I'll try my best to write on here, but they're paving my road (dirt roads rock!) and they've been running over the phone line. Since I have dial-up this is a problem. I'll write whenever the phone line is running.

Kokiro wandered around the halls with a spaced out look on her face. She passed by Si's room and saw Minna rapping on the door and then wait for Si to reply. Kokiro watched her for a moment and then kept walking on. She would double back later to see is Minna was successful. She spotted Yukin with a phone to his ear and a boy and a man walking through the door. They walked away and soon disappeared around a corner. "Yukin-domo? Who was that...?" she asked him when the phone dropped from his hand.

OOC: Sorry, but I couldn't exactly understand everything in kyo'slove91's reply. If I wrote something wrong, tell me, I'll fix it.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]"Oh hey. Your that new chick right." Kokiro nodded

"Some kid. I don't live here and I couldn't give a crap. So what ever Si crap is about could matter less to me. And he is standing right there with that other guy." He said waving his hand at them

"Now Yukin-chan is that any way to talk about your elders?" Si came in from behind Hatori

"Yes." Walking past her and out to the street. "Stupid Si what the hell does she know."

"Alot more than you Sohma. You have crossed the line this time." Si said following him to the street

"Ah it's Si run." He had had just about enogh of Si's mouth. 'Why does everyone think that Si is like a god' he thought has he contiuned to walk back to Shigures house.

"You going to trail me the whole way home Si?"

"No." she turend to head back to the house

OCC: Ya I know her punction is kinda bad :rolleyes: . Kyo from now on before you submit the reply make sure the puction and grammer is correct or else it can be hard to understand :animestun . Sorry for the confusen Latharix_sama and i kno what you are going through with the dial-up. I lost my dial-up to and i don't think it is coming back. But your post was fine.
Something is wrong and now when ever i log into my name it brings me back to my friends :mad: :mad: which is why it is under Mimru. Which i did not know would happen. Sorry for the mess up.
~Angel Lover~[/COLOR]
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OOC: Why has nobody been posting? They fixed our phone line again, so I can get online...for now anyways...

Kokiro was suprised, she didn't expect to see Si this early. Personally, she thought she looked a little sickly. She decided to wander around some more to pass the time. The building was so suprisingly empty, and it had a feel of pain to it; Kokiro swore she could smell the faint stench of old blood in the air.
She was totally freaked out. She began to reassure herself under her breath and looking behind her shoulders.
When she finnally came upon her room again, she thrust open the door and slammed it behind her, then slumped to the floor. "Phew! This place is creeping me out!"
She realized that she was still wet and muddy so she took a long hot bath. She got out, dressed, and then walked quickly to the front door. She didn't want to stay in that house any longer than she had to.
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OOC: Heheeh...I'm in so much pain! ::winces:: Don't you tell [I]me[/I] falling down wooden stairs isn't painfull! :animecry:

Kokiro wandered around the grounds. She found a quiet little garden with a koi pond and sat down on a smooth rock. She pulled some candy out of her jeans pocket and munched away while she thought things over. She could: A. Go talk to Si (B. Call her parents or (C. Just sit here until someone rescues her.
She decided to call her parents. Kisa answered the phone, "MushiMushi! Who's this?"
"It's me, Mom."
"Kokiro? How are you? Are they treating you okay-"
"I'm [I]fine[/I] Mom, I just wanted to know what's going on here! I haven't exactly gotten the new resident treatment; it's like people around here don't really care about anything!"
"That's nice, dear, you have fun." [I]CLICK![/I]
"She hung up on meeeee!"
Kokiro threw the phone on the floor and stomped off back to her room. She decided the best thing to do was to take a nap and let all her worries dissappear for a few hours.
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=3]"This place is just as creepy as ever dad why did we come back?" He asked as he walked around.
"Yes why did you come back I thought you hated me?" Si said coming up to Tetsume and staring him in the face.
Tetsume backed off and walked over to his dad where he grabed his bags.
"Just tell me where my room is and don't get in my face." He said as he walked back to her.
She showed them to their rooms and tetsume slamed the door shut and started to unpack his stuff. He watched out the window as kokiro got up to go to her room and thought of what she might be thinking
"God she must be having it rough I mean she is new and everything." He said still watching out the window as he saw Kyo go by the window.
"Hey Kyo whats up?" He asked
"Tetsume what are you doing here didn't you leave forever I mean the things Si said to you were super harsh?" He said being careful so Si didn't hear him.
"That's what I thought." He said as he looked at the door.
There came a knock on the door so he went and opened it. It was yukin.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC:The posts would be better if everyone that actually signed up would participate. :animesigh
Kokiro paused for a moment. She thought she had seen someone staring at her from a window. She traced back her steps and saw an orange-haired man standing outside one of the windows. Inside the room was the new guy and Yukin was standing at the doorway.
" Um...excuse me..." she said to the orange head, "I'm Sohma Kokiro, and you are?"
He meerely glanced at her and then replied, "Kyo Sohma. It is nice to meet you, Kokiro-san"
"Um...same here..." she muttered.
Yukin glanced her way and nodded."Hello Kokiro."
Tetsume turned around slightly and blandly said, "Hey."
Kokiro twisted a strand of black and white hair around her finger. She held her head down and shyly said, "Hello."
"I'm afraid I don't know who you are..." She glanced at Tetsume.
He placed a hand on her head and simply replied, "Tetsume. And [I]you[/I] are Kokiro."
"Y-yes." She turned a little red.
"Yukin-domo...I thought you had left...Do you live her too?"
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"Me no. I live at Shigures old house with my father. I onmly come here to have lessons with Kyo in fighting. So why are you here Kokiro-san?"

"My parents made me move here."

"Oh." Yukin replied lost for anything to say "Well i really should leave now i have to cook and i have but loads of homework to do so um... bye." Yukin turened on his heel and started back to his house again.

Reaching his house he went straight for the kitchen and begain making dinner.
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