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Writing Product of Our Environment [pg-13]


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[color=darkred][size=2][center]Product of Our Environment
Chapter One

[size=1][left]Cassandra sat eyes pressed up to her microscope, twisting and turning to get the strand of hair in focus. Without removing her eye she went searching for her spoon, with success she brought a spoon full of Fruity Pebbles to her mouth. He auburn hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and her glasses sat next to her on the table. Her mouth turned into a frown as she examined the strand closely. Without warning Cassandra shot up and threw the petri dish to the ground startling her co-worker, making one almost drop the chemical he was using. ?I knew he was cheating on me, that basterd.?

?Cassie, I really wish you wouldn?t break our petri dishes. You know the government doesn?t give us much money.? Adam, he had been working right by her when Cassie went into her hissy fit, chided her like a child. He was a tall man in his early thirties with jet-black hair that curled in a mess and a scurfy three-day-old beard. ?Besides you knew it was coming. Haven?t you been telling us for weeks now it was going to happen? It?s happen to all of us, except Taylor over there.? He motioned to Taylor who was in his late sixties who was still bent over his readings. ?That?s what happen when you spend a week out of the month at home.?

Cassie looked at the dish and grumbled that she was going to clean it up. Cassandra Meyerhoff had spent many of her good forty-two years falling in and out of relationships, married and divorced twice. The only lucky part of it was she didn?t have kids. She was married to her career and nothing would dissuade her otherwise. Cassandra was field organizer for Division Three Emergency Dispatch Unit in the EPA (Environment Protection Agency). She was responsible for everyone on the field and what happened there, whenever she exited the truck as she got onto the site she was afraid. The day she wasn?t afraid was the day she was going to quit the job for she got someone killed or almost.

In he office she sat down in her chair and looked into the ceiling. The phone woke her and she fumbled to get it. Quick phones call from her superior and she headed back down to the lab. ?Come on boys we got another job. It?s a level four protocol so lets be prepared. We leave in three hours for North Carolina.? Shuffling of stools where heard throughout the lab, as the five man team got ready to leave. Taylor grabbed his cane and began to gather some of the lighter equipment. Cassandra loved the old man, he treat her like she was his daughter. His hair was pure white and he always kept himself clean-shaven. Wrinkles where like scars on his face, placed there from years old stress and worry, he reminded Cassandra of one of those pug dogs.

Three hours on the dot everyone was gathered in front of the two trucks. Cassandra carried her briefcase, which had all her paperwork and an extra set of clothing in it. She was dressed in a pair of pink pinstriped suit pants with a blouse and a pink tie, which she tugged at. Before she could enter the field she had to meet with a few of the town officials and had to look professional. The group of three men where fight who was going to drive, none of them did. Taylor was sitting on a bench laughing at the three of them, Cassandra only shook her head, some days it was like working with children.

The group of men broke out into a game of Rock, Paper, and scissors. ?You two have to drive. Hahaha.? Anthony teased, he was the youngest member of the group at the age of thirty. He was transferred to the group about a year and a half ago, though with his childish nature and laid back attitude he was a hard worker and Cassandra could depend on him while they where in the field.

?Okay, now that the three of you decided that I have another question. Has anyone seen Harry in the past couple days. I got a phone call from him three days ago, but that was it.? They group shook there head. Harry and Cassandra had been friend since childhood. They had entered the army together and even went on to the same profession. The last time she heard from him was to say he was investigating one of the companies involved in a toxic dumping, which killed two people. It was never safe to do investigations on your own and she told him to just let the cops handle it, but he never listened to her. It was dangerous enough to clean it up and found out who dumped it, right now she a had a hundred death threats, bribes, and warnings from different companies to keep her and the team quite about dumping. ?Okay than let?s go than. I will ride with Adam and the three of you will follow behind.? Jumping into the passenger seat she got out a map and began to think of how bad this dumping was.

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][LEFT]I got inspiration for this story from my Grandfather, He worked for the EPA for twenty-five years there about. I was reading is paper on some of the dumping he was involved help cleaning up and I thought it would make a great little tale. I hope you enjoy it. [/LEFT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[I]he treat her like she was his daughter.

They group shook there head.[/I]

You have a few tarzan sentences, so you might want to read through it once or twice to make some corrections. Also, it's not a lot to go off of--I recommend writing a bit more, to give people a better feel of Cassandra's job, co-workers, ect. On a lighter note, Cassandra was a great choice for a name.
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