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Writing Lilith [E]


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[CENTER][I][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Demonio de la noche.
Demonio del sueño.
Demonio ancestral
antiguo como el tiempo.
Hermoso demonio
de formas divinas,
con cuerpo de mujer
de andares sinuosos;
todo en ti es belleza,
todo es lujurioso.
Eres el pecado
y eres el castigo.
Si existe un infierno
lo llevas contigo.

Demon of the night.
Demon of the dream.
Ancient demon,
old like the time.
Beautiful demon
of divine form,
with the body of the woman
if twisted comings;
in all of your beauty,
all is lustful.
You are the sin
and you are the puishment.
If a hell exists,
you carry it with you.

Démon de la nuit.
Démon du rêve.
Démon ancien
vieux comme le temps.
Beau démon
de forme divine,
avec le corps de la femme
de venues tordues;
dans toute votre beauté,
tout est concupiscent.
Vous êtes le péché
et vous êtes la punition.
Si un enfer existe
vous il portez avec vous.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/I][/CENTER]
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Wow, I'm impressed! You've managed to make the same poem sound great in three different languages! I actually understand all three, so I can tell. ;)

Not only the poem work in all languages, it also has different atmosphere in all three. This reminds me of the one movie with Penelope Cruz and Gael García Bernal, but I don't know what it's called in English countries... In the movie down on earth people spoke Spanish, in heaven people spoke French and in hell they spoke English.

But enough babbling, the poem is impressive and well done! :)
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Thats amazing! And I don't say that often, either. To bad I can't read the others, though. If what Sage said is true then it'd be like a whole different poem each time. I don't know if I'm wothty enough a writer to critisize that. All I can give it are compliments. I like the mmood it gives off, a mysterious, powerful, and beautifully written. The description makes me feel as if the demon toys with mortals.
This thought just occured to me: That would make a beautiful begining of a story.
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