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The Merchant of Venice


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[size=1]All right, I just saw this today, and I think the movie is pretty good. We rented it from Blockbuster, as a new release, and I wanted to get everyone's opinion.

I guess I should tell some of you what it's about. It is, ironically enough, about a merchant of Venice, who lends a friend 3,000 duckets (or however it's spelled; I'm guessing), and is lent 3,000 in return by a Jew (in this day and age the lending thing was illegal.). When it is time for the merchant to pay up, he finds out all three of his ships have crashed, thus, leaving him moneyless, and so he cannot pay his debt. The bond was that if he didn't pay, the Jew could have a pound of the mans flesh that he chose. Meanwhile, the Jews daughter runs away with her love, and the guy who had the money lent to him gets married. When they find out the merchant is being put on trial, they rush over.

It's a Shakespear piece, and, although it wasn't the best, I thought it was pretty good. It is rated R for nudity, by the way, but it has Jeremy Irons, Joseph Fiennes, and Lynn Collins. :) One I'd give a four out of five.[/size]
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