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Request More help please!!


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I'm back...and once again, I'd like to thank Ozymandius Jones for the awesome sig...you rule man...okay, now listen up cause this might be a little confusing...I don't know this guy's name and I can't find a good picture of him, but I saw him in Bleach and he was awesome...I do know his first name though, it's Renji I think...he's got like red hair in a pont tail type thing and some wierd markings on his head...that's all I really know sorry...but would it be possible if some one could put together what little information I've provided and make me an awesome sig...please...if you can think of any awesome effects or what not, feel free to add them...I would like maybe a red and black background with my name on it: Jahjahwarrior17...Thanks bunches...peace
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I'm pretty sure I found your guy, working on your sig, will post when I'm finished. :)

Done. Hope this is the guy, if not let me know and I'll try again.
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