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Writing Lilith (Continuing Thread) [M-LV possible S]


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[CENTER][QUOTE]Demon of the Night.
Demon of the Dream.
Ancient demon,
old like the time.
Beautiful demon
of divine form,
with the body of the woman
of twisted comings;
in all of your beauty,
all is lustful.
You are the sin
and you are the punishment.
If a hell exists,
you carry it with you.[/QUOTE][/CENTER]

[CENTER][Quote=Webster's Dictionary]Lil·ith
Pronunciation: 'li-l&th
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Hebrew lIlIth, from Hebrew, a female demon
1 : a female figure who in rabbinic legend is Adam's first wife, is supplanted by Eve, and becomes an evil spirit
2 : a famous witch in medieval demonology[/QUOTE][/CENTER]

[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]She spread her wings, the leathery skin rippling in the cold, fiery breeze that stirred around her.

"Sent into flame, born of imperfections. Lifeless, yet stirring; bloodless, yet bloodied. Weeping, yet remorseless; innocent, yet condemned," she hissed, licking her fangs and jumping into the dead sky above her.

Her wings beat down on the air, sending shockwaves of anger throughout the pit to which she was condemned. Having spent almost her entire existence here, she despised Hell and everything in it.

She stared down below her. Demons of every sort roamed about, casting their tortures upon whatever mortal soul happened to be near. She saw her brother, Incubus, and all of his spawns; and opposite he were her sister, Succubus, and all of her offspring. Many of the other angels that had fallen in the war were also there; one-third of the entire population of angels had fallen, and one-third of the entire population of angels had become the shameful abominations called demons.

Though she had come to call all of these fallen angels her brethren, she despised them all. She had once had next to great: Eden, and all of its beauty. Now, she had no more than cold fire and the dead.

She stopped her flight, landing on one of the only places in Hell without fiery columns rising upward forever into the dark abyss. [I]Samael,[/I] she thought.[I] I must speak with my lord.[/I]

She called to the darkness ahead of her. "Samael, my lord: heed my calls. I must make with you an offer; a persuasion to which you must reply. Answer me, O Great Ruler of this Inferno!"

The once grand Angel of Light appeared before her, his former glory still showing through in his eyes. His perfect face was so fragile; his eyes, soft; his hair as fair as any maiden's; but his robes and wings tattered.

"I shall answer you but one request; make your choice carefully. Hereafter, be forbidden from my presence and from my answers; and that you ask again, my Wrath shall fall upon your shoulders and shall make you long for the cold fires. My daughter, Lilith, my most beauteous of all the Fallen Host, what seek you?"

She bowed low before him, her leathery wings wrapping around her and following her bow. As she stood, he approached her, stroking her face and peering into her eyes.

"My lord Satan, I ask from you but this one answer: would that you open the Abyss and allow me to the mortal realm, shall I be allowed to wreak havoc upon the mortal realm and reap?"

Satan, taken aback, stepped away from her, looking her over before slightly shaking his head. "My daughter, Lilith, my most beauteous of the Fallen Host, you are yet too innocent: this answer I cannot provide; I cannot grant your request. My brother, Mikhail, the high Archangel of Heaven, could once do such things; however, his heart has grown cold to our kind and our kin. None are able to enter to that realm."

And with these last words, the once grand Angel of Light disappeared into the black Abyss and left her standing.

"Mikhail..." she repeated. "The Archangel Michael..."[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Mikhail..." she repeated. "The Archangel Michael..." she said this last name slowly, as if tasting how the name felt on her lips. If he could free her, set her loose upon the world, and free her of this Abyss, who's Lord was no more than a jester who fancied his wooden chair more grand then the gold of the King's, but plotted treachery agianst him all the same. If she could be free of him, to do as she pleased...
But why would Mikhail, Archangel of Heaven, save her? Besides, Hell was a place devoid of the Holy, where no one could reach Heaven, and no one in Heaven could reach Hell. Except...
Except God himself, Creator of all things.
But how? How would she convince God to take her to the mortal world just to torment the Humans he loved so much? But what had Lucifer said that his weakness was?
"True, He may be powerful, but he loves to much. Can you imagine how great a Fool he is to love the ones who killed His only son? And it was all because of me, Satan, the most powerful in all Creation..." even from the memory, she couldn't stand his pride, his conviction that Hell was by far a better place to live in. But how could it be great, this Chasm, when all around the souls of the damned were tortured, ridiculed, and jeered at.

Mercy. Forgivness. Those are God's weaknesses. If she were to pray to him, ask for redemption, would he refuse her? would he be able to tell that she was decieving him?
There's only one way to find out.
She had to act fast. Satan claimed to be omipresent, but in his pride he believed that he was more powerful than God himself. The pride of the Fall.
Lowering herself onto her knees, she cired out, "Oh, merciful Father, what have I done? You created the Heavens and the Earth, day and night, Eden, which in my sin I was unable to inherit. I know that I deserve no mercy, and the punishment I recieve now is what I deserve, but I beg your forgiveness. Please."
HTen a voice spoke to her. The voice Lucifer so long had wished to mimic.
"Child, my child, I forgive you of your Sin agianst me. is it no I who says, 'Come, you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and have you no money, come buy wine and milk without money and wothout cost.' I send my archangel, Michael, to take you to me, so that we may be joined in Heaven."
Then, as she felt the Prescence leave, she saw in the red sky a light, as bright as Satan himself, but it was not the light of a fallen angel, but a real one, whose Glory is that of God. He descended in front of her, brilliantly illuminated, but dislike plain in his eyes. [I]I will never understand how He can be so merciful, that he would for give you, who betrayed him through Sin. But it isn't my place to doubt His wish[/I] Having said this, he extended his hand to her, and she took it.
Just then, a voice that shook the entire Abyss thundered, "HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME, WHO GAVE YOU ALL MY GLORY!" She turned to see Lucifer, eyes ablaze, his unholy light nearly blinding her. [I]And what glory is that? The pit, where the souls of those who chose not to be forgiven by God, and instead chose their one path and now wallow in their Sin, as you do? [/I] " I SHALL NOT BE SPOKEN TO IN THAT MANNER IN MY KINGDOM!!" THe furyrolling of Satan was so great that it was almost a tangible thing. [I]Kingdom? Your "Kingdom" is nothing compared to that of God. If you are truly master of this place, then stop my ascent to Heaven with Lilith. [/I] After saying that, Mikhail started to ascend, Lilith in his arms. Lucifer screamed and ranted sacriligous things, but could no more stop Michael from leaving than he could stop his fall from Heaven.
All this Lilith saw and secretly relished, enjoying the defeat of the one who would have made himself her master. When she finally could not see any demons, she thrust herself off of Mikhail, much to his surprise, and fell, descending to the mortal world that she had been denied before Michael could stop her.
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][I]Cold,[/I] she thought. [I]So very cold...[/I]

She whirled around. The ground was white all around her, and the air was frozen to the touch. She shivered against it, and could see her breath.

Her bare flesh did not help at all; the flames in Hell were so hot that she did not need anything more than her flesh. But here, in the mortal realm, she would need something to cover herself.

She stretched herself before walking on; though Mikhail had carried her from Hell to Earth, she felt as though she had made the entire trip herself.

She shivered once again, and headed, aimlessly, into the winter night.

As she came to a group of people, Lilith smirked. [I]Looks as though I can have myself a little snack,[/I] she thought to herself, kneeling close to the ground and listening to their conversation.

[I]"In principio, creavit Deus caelum et terram. Terra autum errat inanis et vacua et tenebrae..."[/I] she heard a short man say. This man was wearing a brown robe and holding a book, apparently from which he was reading.

Lilith hissed, covering her ears. "The Holy Scriptures! He is reading from the Bible!"

She leaped into the air, landing on the priest's back and grabbing hold of his neck with her legs. She carried him into the air a short way, dropping him to his death and watching, cackling all the while, as his body hit the ground and slumped to a dead heap.

Diving faster than the others could perceive, she tore through the gut of a man, spilling his crimson blood on the white snow. A woman that was cowering before her was beheaded by her sharp nails, and she lifted a small child that had tripped off the ground, gently setting him down before punching through his gut and ripping out his entrails.

"Damn mortals," she hissed, viciously eating the throat of another man. "This will teach you to follow that fool God of yours!"

As she cackled, blood flowing freely all around her, strange whispers floated on the winds around her. She ignored these whispers and flew off again, eager to find more humans to kill, and no longer affected by the cold.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC:This post may contain content not suitable for most Catholics.
It felt good to be soaring through the the brisk air of the mortal realm instead of Hell, the tiny village laid bare upon her sight, the houses so small as to seem insignificant, and to her, they were.
Flying through the air, Lilith chose her next target: A Catholic Church.
Landing, she took on the guise of a young mortal girl, and slipped in with a crowd of late comers, pleased to see her disguise fooled the humans. On the outside there was nothing to show this, but on the inside she was laughing at them.
"For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround themwith yor favor as with a shield."
Understanding their tongue as if it were her own, she tuned out the scriptures and turned to view the statues of saints, already forming a plan.
"And now, please join me in prayer." At once everyone bowed their head except for Lilith, but the Pastor took no notice, starting the prayer.
"Mary, Mother of God..."
She chose then to interupt.
"Exscuse me, but isn't Mary just a human?" she asked, using the sweetest and most innocent voice she could use.
The Pastor, looking anoyed, said,"Yes, but..."
"So then why do you pray to this mortal woman? Surely she cannot grant you greater salvation than your Lord." she said this last a bit mockingly, letting some of the innocence dropp away slowly.
"Well, you see..."
"For that matter, why do you have statues. Don't you realize that they are idols, that no presence lives in them? Or do they? Is their a spirit in there worth worshipping?" Now almost all of her pretense of kindness were gone, replaced by hatred and mockery.
The pastor, clearly unused to this kind of behavoir in the church, yelled, "See here!"
She leapt over the rows of people as no human can, and landed near the statue of Saint Peter. Then, she shoved it ith inhuman strength, causing it to fall and shatter.
"Oops! I broke the idol! I guess that means your one step closer to damnation, hmm?"
She no longer held the pretense of a human, letting them see her as she was.
"Well, at least your prescious Mother Mary hasn't been broken." As she finished the sentence, the statue of Mary shattered into tiny pieces except for the head, which had a large fracture down the center.
She laughed. She laughed and she laughed and she laughed. She laughed at the humans, who stood there dumbfounded at the horror that had been commited. She laughed at the Saints themselves, powerless to stop her. She laughed at Lucifer, who could never have done such a thing.
But mostly she laughed at God, who would not save His children from her.
They screamed and ran, trying to get out. All except for the Pastor, who sat dumbfounded at what had happened since she had first destroyed Saint Peter. She turned to him, still laughing, and he knew that he was her next victim.
Blood stained the broken head of Mary that night.
OOC: There, I warned you. In fact, it contains content not suitable for non-Catholics, too.
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