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Writing Funny and true (L)


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Both of these stories are true, and happened a few years back.
I was sitting in the celerium playing SNES, when the phone rang. I got up to answer it, and once again, it was for my dad. My dad is a teacher so he gets a lot of phone calls.
Five mintues later, it rang again. It was for dad, I took a message, no big deal.
Then five minutes later, it rang again. It was for my mom, took a message, la dee da.
But it kept ringing every five minutes for the next thirty minutes. I was getting sick of it, and fustrated. It's hardly for me, and I hate taking messages. I would let the machine get it, but I was told to answer it, because dad was exspecting a call.
The phone rang again. Out of anger and fustration, I picked it up, and yelled into it "NO BODYS HERE! EVERYBODY'S DEAD!!!" And hung up.

The next one happened two years ago. I was having a tough week, and I wanted to be alone to cool off. The front doorbell rang. I had to answer it, because I was the only one there at the time. I was a guy with a beard, long brown hair, a green shirt and sandles with blue socks. He said he was from Greenpeace, asking if I could donate $200 bucks to save a patch of rain forest. Well, I'm all for the enviorment, but I wanted to be alone. So I told him: "Don't know, don't care. Bye." Slamed the door in his face. The doorbell rang again. It was him again. "That wasn't very nice." He said. "Yeah?" I replied. "Well, THIS isn't very nice!" I said, giving him the finger. And I slammed the door on him again. And went across the street to bug the neghibors.
Yeah, I know I was rude, and I'm sorry. I'm not impulsive like that anymore. I ussally hear them out, and respond as nicely as I can. Unless it's an encyclopidia salesman or somthing. Then I say we allready got one.


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