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Writing ManSlayer Vs PeaceMaker [V-M]

Demon Eyes Kyo

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Hey everyone this is my first Fan fic i have ever posted. Me and my brother and a friend have worked on this and we are still working on it. I'll be posting one part of the story and my brother the other half. I hope you all like the read as much as we enjoyed writing it.


Blood had been spilled across the walls. The women and kids were running for help. The only thing that stood in the middle of all this chaos was Kenji the Battousai. He stood in the middle of the bar laughing at all the anarchy he had cause.

"I only wanted to ask you all one thing but you didn?t tell me what I wanted to hear and now all this had to happen.?

As Kenji was looking at the men who were in front of him a man from the outside had creep up behind him. Pulled out his sword swung it to cute right threw kenjis back. Without looking Kenji had used his sword in his right hand to block.

"Not only have you picked a fight with the wrong man but you have picked a fight with a man who is the master of the Hitenmitsurugiryu with two blades."

The guy knew then that his life was in the hands of this murderer. The guy once again went on the attack and tried to slice at the back of Kenji?s neck this time but Kenji jumps into the air to avoid the attack He flips over the guys head and with one swift motion Kenji cut the guys head clean off then he lands. The man's blood pores all on Kenji's face.

[I]You will learn to fear Kenji the Battousai. Everyone well learn to fear me even you my brother. Kenji thought to him self.[/I]

He then walks over to the only guy who is still alive. He swings both his swords so fast that the blood that was stained on his blades flew onto the guys face. He puts both of his swords back into there sheath. This young rush full teen had walked into this bar with a look to kill on his face.

"I'm going to ask this once and only once. I'm looking for a man who looks just like me and has one scare on his face and he's really nice."

With the look on Kenji?s face it could be seen that it kills him to say that. The bartender then stares at Kenji and he remembers the young man and begins to get happy but then he realize that the nice and innocent man that he saw isn?t the one standing before him now.

"Yes he was here three days ago. He got into a very serous fight for the people in our town. He saved us all. But I think it almost caused him his life. When he left he was badly beaten. The people in the town helped him on his way."

A smile then appears on Kenji?s face. "Thank you." After hearing this news he then went on his way to his old home. For year he has been waiting for the moment he can return the favor to his brother for leavening a scare on his chest. Every time he looks down he will always remember the fight between them and the out come of the battle. His mind was clear on revenge. He had lost a battle to his younger brother who doesn't believe in killing. His skills were surpassed by his brother. That was then and this is now. Kenji has master the Hitenmitsurugiryu style with two blades. He has trained night and day. He has become faster with two blades. He knows in the back of his mind that there next encounter he will come out the victor. As he was thinking about what he was going to do he could sense that he wasn?t alone.

"Wait something not right." Kenji stops and looks around.

Viscous sat atop a tree and smiles while looking down at Kenji.

"Please do not stop. I enjoy watching a killer perfect his art."

Viscious said before jumping down from the tree and landing with his sword drawn. "But I could enhance this lesson with a little sparring exercise."

"Sparring is a waste of my time if you want a fight to the death then so be it, my blades won?t be drawn for anything else.?

Viscious put his sword back in his sheath. "Well if your gonna be all serious about it then forget it."

Viscious turn his back and walks away while saying." I just thought you would want a way to surpass your father's legend and destroy your brother at the same time."

Kenji was walking away until he heard those words he stop and turns around

"Wait. What are you talking about?"

Viscious turns and grins at Kenji. "Come with me Kenji and I shall make you a killer of nations."

"A Killer of nations huh, sounds good. Show me how this can happen." Kenji then walks off behind him.

Viscious led Kenji to a small military outpost. It was filled with about two hundred elite soldiers.

"First I need to test you out. Killing some peasants is one thing but these guys are the real deal.?

?My skills are beyond that of my father's. I have trained to become the best. If I have surpassed my real master Shinomori Aoshi, I have no equal. So show me this guy who you wish me to kill."

"The test is to walk in there and kill the boss and walk out. If you truly are the Battousai then these men will be no match for you."

As Kenji starts to walk down the hill Viscious yells back. "Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you the leader is Saitoh the Mibu wolf."

Kenji then starts walking forward with an evil smile that could barley be seen he thought to himself [I]Now it is time for me to prove to my self that I have gotten better. And by doing so I must KILL Saitoh.[/I]

Kenji enter threw a door. Almost everyone in the room turns and looks at him. Then one of men came and approaches Kenji.

"Hey kid you are not post to be here." One of the soldiers said.

Kenji didn't even pay him know mind. He was only there for one reason and one reason only. Saitoh had seen what was going on across the room his though it to be Shinta.

"Let him past he is the son of one of my friends."

Kenji then continue heading towards Saitoh. He gazes in Kenji's eyes and he knew right away that it wasn't Shinta.

"You have a lot of balls showing your face here. Since everybody I can think of wants you dead."

"Pull out your sword."

"Whats that you asked. Did you just ask me to drawn my sword."

?I well not ask again."

"Kid you don't know who you are messing with this must be a joke.?

Saitoh then reach in his pocket and lit a cigarette. As he had just got done lilting he was moving his hand away from his face and the only thing he say was a sheath about to hit him. But in the nick of time he moves to the left to dodge it.

?I see you mean business. Very well if anyone is going to kill you it should be me. I always wanted a real fight with the legendary Battousai. You started this and I?ll end it boy.?

?I?ll take you out with just one attack.?

Kenji then took off with lightning speed.

"Ryu-kan-sen attack."

Kenji had got beside Saitoh and he then turns to deliver a backhand swing. Normally this move goes for the opponent's neck but he changes it and went for the middle of Saitoh?s back. Saitoh had move his right arm blocking the attack. He had grab Kenji's arn to stop the attack.

?Kid I know all of your father's moves there for I know yours as well you can?t beat me with just one attack. Especially one's I know looks like you are not going to beat me with one attack after all."

"Who said that was the attack?"

Then Kenji's eye's turned into a tiger color. The only thing that could be seen was death in his eyes. His hair was blood red. Kenji then jumps back

"This is my final attack KUZU RYU SEN."

This move strikes all the opponent's nine vital points at the same time head, left and right shoulder, left and right arm, chest, left and right leg, genitals.

"That was my one attack."

While dieing Saitoh says. ?His movement couldn't be seen it (voice getting weaker) look as if it was one slash. But how di..." Then Saitoh body fell into pieces and blood spills on the floor.

"That is my final attack I have spent year developing my speed to become so swift that my movement can?t be seen. With my two kodachi?s that makes it even more deadly. It can't be stopped. You were its first victim but you won?t be the last."

Kenji looks at all the other men. Then couldn?t believe what they have just witness he walks out and none of the men try to stop him he then heads back to Viscious.
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Guest Kyoshiro Mebu
Hey everyone like my brother said before this is me and his and a friends story i hope you all like.


A few miles away from Kyoto, the home of Kenshin and his friends, a lone masked figure holding a sword stands on a lone hill. He is hunting for someone. He is looking for a killer. Not an ordinary killer. This man killed thousands with such skill that many thought he was the devil. He was called the Battousai. The masked man was soon joined on the hill by a group of ten ninjas.

?I want the Battousai alive but in his top form. Kill the others."

The ninjas bowed and nearly flew down the hill at top speed. Sanosuke yawned as he and Kenshin watched the students practice. Life had been pretty quite since Kenji had left. Kenshin never talked about it nor did Kaoru but Shinta was very determined to find his brother and bring him back. Sanosuke wished he could help but he was no match for Kenji. Shinta looked into the sky thinking of the good times
with his brother. He dreamed back to there days of fighting and training together.

?Brother I know you are coming for me. But I don't think that this time I'll be ready. I have got me self in one serious battle that I almost didn't make it out alive. But I promise you this when you come I well do everything I can to bring you back.?

"Hey! Where is everyone?" yelled Yahiko as he waited outside the dojo. "Stop yelling like a two year old!" yelled back Sanosuke as he and Kenshin walked to invite Yahiko in. They bowed to each other and laughed as they got together for the first time in many years. "Your one to talk. You are more immature than the students." Yahiko said back to Sanosuke. Sanosuke got a fake angry look on his face and looked back to Kenshin for some help when he noticed Kenshin looked very serious. Then out of nowhere a ninja kicked Sanosuke into a wall of the dojo. The ninja landed and kicked at Yahiko who blocked it but was hit from the back by another ninja. Yahiko smashed into the wall nearly knocked out. Another ninja appeared behind Kenshin and tried to wrap a cord around his neck. Kenshin blocked it with a stone in his hand. As the cord started to break through the stone, Sanosuke struck the ninja with his strongest punch. The punch hit the ninja in the head but did not faze him. The ninja didn't even look at him. The other ninja that had attacked Yahiko kneed Sanosuke in the face sending him crashing to the ground. The ninja pulled out some throwing knives and threw them at Sanosuke. Sanosuke knew he couldn't block them. Then a bright flash appeared and Shinta was in front of Sanosuke. The knives fell to the ground. Shinta just stood there as the ninja fell to the ground. "Wow. You stopped the knives and beat him in one strike. I had forgotten how good you were Shinta." Sanosuke said before passing out. Shinta saw the ninja's coming together. He had put his sword back in his sheath. Kenshin looked back at Shinta.

"Shinta pull your sword back out this is no time to do any power moves like the Ryusousen."

"But dad this way I can take them out quicker."

"No Shinta your body has not healed from your battle, you must fight wisely."

"Then that is what I?ll do.? Shinta took off at the ninja's."


Shinta did a slash at one of the ninja missing due that his speed had gotten slower because of the fact his body hasn't fully healed. After Shinta did his attack one of the ninja came straight down with his claws cutting Shinta in the back making him fall to one knee. As one of the other's was about to get a good attack on Shinta, Kenshin sliced the guy right across his stomach. No blood was spilled due for the reasons Kenshin had a reverse blade. He grabbed Shinta and jumped back. The spot that they where at 5 ninja knives had just land down.

"Shinta, what is wrong with you? You never rushed into a fight like that before."

"Dad I'm trying to finish this as fast as possible. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to stay awake."

"The median must be kicking in. Even so you must not rush in. I'll take care of them here you must go and check of the students."

"Yes father."

Gideon the masked man watched the battle from above the dojo. He saw how Kenshin had saved Shinta. With the move he knew it was the Battousai. This time there would be no mistakes made. Gideon waved his hand and the ninja's jumped away and went after Shinta. Kenshin didn't follow but just stood there with his sword out. "How dare you hurt my family?" Gideon jumped from the roof and landed a few feet in front of Kenshin.

"You are needed Battousai. Your family is not important."

Shinta went to check on the students. They where gone. He saw that hey have made it threw the secret passage. "Great they made it." Then as Shinta fell down on one kneed with his sheath holding him up he began to get weak and sleepy. Then the rest of the ninja's came his way. "Weak or not you shall not, well not get pasted me no matter what the cost. If I have to fight you to my last lime then so be it. Shinta stood up and drawn his sword and threw his sheath into the ground and got in his fighting stance and waited. The ninjas flew at Shinta but a few slashes killed two of them and sent the rest around the room. Shinta looked on in shock as it was none other than Aoshi that had appeared before him. "I came with Yahiko. I was a little late as I had business in town. Step back Shinta. Double Ryokan senshu!" Aoshi yelled before flashing forward and doing a double spinning slash that was so strong it made a tornado that threw the other ninjas out of the dojo. As well as destroying the roof. "Tell your father I owe him a new roof." Shinta smiled then remembered. "Father! We have to help him."

Gideon pulled out his sword after seeing the effect of Aoshi's technique.

"Come Battousai. I have another appointment with Aoshi."

Kenshin looked shocked "How do you know Aoshi?"

Gideon?s entire black sword was sparking with lightning. "He served with my clan member Hanya but enough about me. Show me your strength Battousai!"

Gideon charged forward and did a ground neimoshi that sent black lightning shooting from underneath Kenshin. Kenshin dodged them but lost sight of Gideon. Shinta wanted to help his father in battle. But Shinta's body couldn't make it. The median was to strong and his body was to tired to push on. He fell down to the ground knowing he was about to past out he tried to push himself onward.

"You must push on you must." Then everything turned black and he pasted out.

The light from the lightning was messing with Kenshin's sight. He couldn't tell where Gideon would strike. He had no choice but to close his eyes and listen for Gideon's clothes. He heard them to the left and went right into a Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Hi-Ryu Sen. Kenshin's body surged forward and he knew Gideon had no time to block it. Kenshin was surprised though when his attack was blocked. Kenshin opened his eyes to see Gideon standing in front of him blocking him easily. Kenshin jumped away.

"No one has been able to block that move before.? Kenshin then put his sword back into his sheath. [I]It was wrong of me to think I could overpower him that it was. I must break his focus and then overcome him with speed.[/I] Kenshin thought to himself. He then attacked with the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Sou Ryu Sen , an attack designed to confuse the opponent. Gideon put his sword back in his sheath and ran toward Kenshin. [I]What is he doing?[/I] thought Kenshin. Gideon was so fast that he used the sheath to block both attacks. His sword was held upright between Kenshin's swords. Gideon quickly grabbed his sword and pulled it out in a Ryoshen Iai, a crescent slash technique so fast the only way to dodge it is to have the right distance. Kenshin had no such space being face to face with Gideon. Kenshin jumped but the attack sliced his right shoulder badly. Kenshin landed hard a few feet away.

?My right arm is useless now.?

Gideon then put his sword back in his sheath and looked at Kenshin. "It is time to end this Kenshin. Ryosenshan Iai ken!" The attack was even faster now with the slice coming so fast at Kenshin he could barely track it. ?I have to try and block it. If I fail, I fail my sons and Kaoru.? Kenshin ran forward and took his sword in his left hand and used all his energy in a Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ryu Kan Sen Arashi. The force from the blast impacted Gideon's attack and the two attacks were so powerful that it blew both opponents across the compound, sending Gideon through a wall and Kenshin into a tree nearly breaking it apart. Aoshi ran to Kenshin and checked on him. Amazingly, he was still breathing.

Kenshin looked up at Aoshi . " Where .....is ....Shin...ta?"

"He is safe Kenshin."

Kenshin smiled before passing out.

Shinta and the gang where all together. Kenshin was a little beat up from his battle so was Shinta and the rest of the gang.

"Dad who was that guy you where fighting?" Kenshin looked over at Shinta.

"His name is Gideon. Why he attacked us I do not know but we well find out."

"Well, dad it looks like we are going to be back in action." Kenshin looked over at Shinta.

"Not you son Gideon's skills are way to good for you. You are very skilled but from the display you showed yesterday. I can tell you still need some more training."

Shinta got up and looked at his father. "I don't need any more training I have master every move from the Hiten Mitsurugi style."

Kenshin just looked at Shinta. "Son if you are a master. Every master knows if they are injured that they will not just go right into a battle."

Shinta shock his head." Father I will emit I did rush in that battle I just wanted to finish it faster."

Kenshin got up and walked over to Shinta. "Even so son you can't be foolish. When you go into a battle like that you are being foolish.

"I understand what you are saying today I acted foolishly but I have beat people that they say not even you could have father. Some even believe I'm better or if not your equal."

"Listen Shinta yes your skills are improved. There is yet a skill that not even you have learned."

Shinta face was confused. "Father I know all the attacks. What can I possibly learn?"

"The Ouki Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki(Heaven's Soaring Dragon Flash) It well be the last thing you need to learn."

Looking back on what he said began to think that maybe his father was right and the path that he is going to be lead to the same path as his brother?s.

"Sorry for talking back father."

"It's OK Shinta, you have a kind heart like your mother it well lead you well. It's a long walk to my master place when well you leave?"

A few feet away from the dojo Gideon lay on the ground looking up at the sky. His body ached for the first time in a long time. He wondered to himself if this was the strength that Hanya had told him about. The true strength of the Hiten Mitsuryugi style. He knew that no matter what happened he would find the source of this power and learn its secrets.

Shinta had got all of his belongings. He was ready to leave. He had got his stuff together. He went to his father and friends and said good bye. The good bye was long, long like he was not going to return. But he knew when he does return he well be a better swordsmen and maybe even a better person.
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