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RPG X-Men Fic.

Silver Mew

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Prologue: If you didn't see the first movie of X-Men I should fill you in on
some things. How the movie ended was with Wolverine leaving Professor X's
school for the gifted and going to find out about his life. After that they
showed Magneto in a plastic prison. OK, now for the story.

So Wolverine set off to find out about his past life.


While he set off to find about his past, Rogue was back at Professor X's
School for the Gifted learning how to control her powers. Of course everyone was
learning to control their powers but she was working the hardest.

Wolverine's Truck:

"The engine sounds weird maybe I should check on it" thought Wolverine,
so he started to get out but then he heard something. It sounded
like a shiver from the cold but he wasn't for sure where it was coming from
or if it was even human.
So instead of checking the engine he went to find out where that
sound was coming from.
He started walking then saw something. It was a small, but not too
small shadowy figure. The shadowy figure was off in a grassy area near the
curb. Wolverine was right; it was shivering from the cold. He got up closer and
saw that it was a human.

*Ring Ring*

Wolverine ran back to his truck to answer the phone.
"Logan it's Professor X"
"Hey Professor what's up?"
"I just used Cerebro and detected a mutant nearby your location,
have you seen anyone nearby?"
"Well there is a strange shadowy figure down the road ...I think
it's human but I don't know about a mutant..."
"I need you to go check it out for me."
"Ok...I'll call ya back."


Wolverine started walking towards the shadowy person. The person had
a hood on so you couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.
So he decided to say something.

The person put down their hood. It was a girl around the age of
"Do you need a lift?" said Wolverine.
She shivered again and then said:
"Does your truck have a heater?"
Wolverine laughed and said:

You like so far?:toothy:
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