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RPG The X-Files

Clone Trooper

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[COLOR=Sienna][B][CENTER]The X-Files.[/CENTER][/B][/COLOR]
Fox Mulder and Dana Sculley made these paranormal cases famous throughout the beurough. However, after Sculley and Mulder retired, these X-Files were closed. All of the old files were burned. For ten long years they were closed until recently, when they were re-opened for causes unknown. The Recruitment has started. Are you ready?
The man stood, facing the window. An odd thing to do, since the shades were closed. A Cuban cigar burned softly iin the darkness. "Are you sure this is the right idea, Agent Mathews? Recruiting five members for the X-Files, not long after it is re-opened? Don't you think it's a little suspisious?"
"No sir. Our sources tell us that this the right time to recruit so many members. He says that the only way we will find out what they are doing is if we keep a lot of them.
"Alright, but it's on your head if it goes awry."
"Leave now, I have to call the investors."
Agent Mathews left the room, the door closing with a slight snick . The man, his face hidden in shadow took a long pull from his cigar, picked up the phone, and began to dial...
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hello, Justonius, and welcome to Otakuboards.

I regret to inform you that I must lock this thread; as it A) does not have a rating and B) has not gone through recruit.

I see you have started a recruit thread in the Inn. Please wait until you have all or most of the positions you need filled before you start a thread in the Square.

Feel free to recreate this thread with the proper rating once you have the players you need.

Thank you,

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