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Request Rock Lee banner!


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Well It's been 6 months since I've been here, and with my other forums kinda going downhill I decided to come back home. Now all I need is a new banner!
Here's what I would like!
I want an animated *if possible* banner of Rock Lee. I want it to be a picture of him from the episode where he gets wasted on Sake. I want the first picture of him, obviously wasted, with the Text
"I'm not drunk!"
Then a picture of when he pretends to pass out, with the text
"I'm underage!" Then with No_Regrets on the bottom corner. Hell, feel free to put your own name on it for credit.
Now for a non animated, picture(s) of Lee wasted with the same text. Lots of Green though!
it really doesn'tmatter if it's animated or not. I just think Animated ones are funny. Those aren't spefics, feel free to throw in your own flair. Creativity = good!
I'd do it myself but photoshop uninstalled itself somehow.
Thanks! :D :D :D :animesmil
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[COLOR=blue]I promised someone else that I'd make a banner for him/her, but things have gotten quite busy for me as of late. However, I'm willing to take up your banner as well if you are willing to be patient. ^^; I have to make one before I can start yours.

I'm also very honored that you kept my banner for this long! ^^[/COLOR]
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I can wait.
Yeah. I LOVE this banner! I'm taking it off when I get a new one but I'm putting it on my Animeiowa forum screenname and you'll still be credited. Ish my favorite ever. Like my Avi. I luff it too!
Thanks! :catgirl: :animeswea

Hmmmmm......I see you like FMA too....
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