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[size=1]Well, seeing a friend go back to the oldest name she ever had made me feel nostalgic, so I did, too. I'm looking for a set that is colorful, yet tasteful, expressing the feeling of delirium. I have no specifics, though purple, pink, blue, and/or gold could be good, though green is good too. Just, no yellow, and nothing wild. On the banner, could you put "It's all inside my head, and nobody knows." And then the name Delirium. On the avatar, just have it match, no words. :) Thank you all very much!

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Hee. Well, I thought I'd give a banner that's supposed to look delirious a shot...



Howzzat? I used a couple of brushes for the clock on the avi...[/COLOR]
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