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Request .hack//G.U. animated banner


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[FONT=Tahoma][color=#666666]As I have been cursed to be without a program that can animated images, I've come to request the help of one of you blessed with such programs.

If someone could do the following for me that'd be great ^^:

Start the banner out with image A(see below) and have it fade into image B(again, below). Then, have image B fade into black when the words ".hack//G.U."(without the quotations of course) appear in the middle of the banner. If possible, I'd love for one of those blinking cursors to appear at the end of ".hack//G.U." for a few seconds. Then, the black would fade back into image A, A to B, etc, etc. You get the picture?

Image A:

Image B:

If someone could do that(or something similiar) then tha'td be great ^^

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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]I'm sorry it ended up so small, to get the smooth transitions i had to make it a smaller banner.

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[FONT=Tahoma][color=#666666]It looks great(despite the smallness). I hope you don't mind but I think I'll wait and see what Turdle does(if he/she is still going to do it). If Turdle's not going to make one then I'll definitely use yours, Rising Sun ^^.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=tahoma][color=#666666]Thanks for the great banners you two ^^ Its actually hard for me to choose...[strike]I think I'll save both of them and then switch them up in my signature every week or so because I honestly can't choose which one I'd rather use more.[/strike]

Again, thanks to the both of you; you've really helped me out ^^

[b]Edit:[/b] On second thought, I'm only going to use Rising Sun's as my image host 1.) resized Turdle's to the same size as Rising Sun's and 2.) I'll just say that the banner didn't exactly look the greatest after the resizing.

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