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Anime Best Anime Girl Tournament R2 M1: Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon) vs. Lacus (Gundam Seed)


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My favorite spirited Sailor Senshi vs. the stereotypical unpractical Gundam peace-seeking chick!

My only rule is to not spam up these threads. Don't just post the character that you voted for's name. If you're going to say who you voted for, then explain why you voted for who you voted for, even if that explanation is just quoting someone that shares your sentiments. It doesn't need to be complicated. Even something as simple as "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot more spunk than Rei" or "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot of spunk" will work. So long as it has more substance than "Asuka" or "Asuka's better", its fine.

Based on the responses from last time, it seems like Lacus is the more popular of the two. I hope that I'm wrong...

Minako Aino/Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)


Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed)

I really like Minako and I don't like Lacus, so obviously, Minako gets my vote.

Lacus' ideas for peace are totally crap... but then again, so is Gundam's whole idea of war. In real life, the rest of politicians would just blow her off and continue looking for their new bank. I hate stupid idealist pseudo-philosopher characters like Lacus.

Minako isn't anywhere near as deep as Lacus, but she's funny and tends to take control when Usagi isn't around. (Apprently, she plays that role 24/7 in the manga)

Lacus is cute, but Minako's even cuter. So she wins on looks as well.
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[SIZE=3][FONT=Georgia]Sailor Venus definately wins this one. Not only is she the most spirited Sailor, I think she's the best looking. More relevant to the competition, she's much better looking than Lacus. That girl is the whole reason that I can't watch Gundam SEED. I CAN'T STAND HER!! XD Anyway, that's my vote for Sailor Venus![/FONT][/SIZE]
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Ugghh...This round is gonna be super hard :animestun This match is already pretty hard...I never like Sailor Moon, but Venus was definitely my most favorite character...Lacus has her features, but her nose is way too big...she has a nose like Lois from family guy LOL Well...I guess this one is going to Venus...I vote for Sailor Venus
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I'm gonna be leaving for anywhere from 5 days to two weeks tommorrow to help my friend move. So, I decided to push this along before I left.

Sailor Venus: 8 votes
Lacus Clyne: 4 votes

[b]Here is your winner... Sailor Venus![/b]

Heh, glad to see that the unrealistic b*tch is of it here! And even better, Venus is still in! I wish that this thread would have had a bit more activity though...
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