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Anime Best Anime Girl Tournament R2 M2: Caska (Berserk) vs. Nabiki (Ranma 1/2)


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The Band of the Hawk's only female commander vs. Ranma 1/2's resident schemer!

My only rule is to not spam up these threads. Don't just post the character that you voted for's name. If you're going to say who you voted for, then explain why you voted for who you voted for, even if that explanation is just quoting someone that shares your sentiments. It doesn't need to be complicated. Even something as simple as "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot more spunk than Rei" or "I voted for Asuka because she has a lot of spunk" will work. So long as it has more substance than "Asuka" or "Asuka's better", its fine.

Hmm... I really don't know who'll win. Maybe Nabiki, because a lot of people love the smart schemer?

Caska (Berserk)

(Good anime Caska pics really aren't easy to come by... if you can find any that are better than these, please post them or PM me.)

Nabiki Tendou (Ranma 1/2)

I like both of these characters... I was planning on voting for Caska until she went up against one of my stated favorites, but when I rethought it, Nabiki is a really cool character too...

Caska's cool because she kicks ***. [spoiler]She also takes up the helm as the Band of the Hawk's leader (and she's a good leader at that) towards the end, so that gives her some major points too.[/spoiler] And like I said last time, the would-be love triangle between her, Guts, and Griffith is one of the most interesting love angles in anime.

Nabiki is a witty schemer who knows how to get what she wants. She manages to make a profit off of just about everything...

...I can't decide! Eh, Nabiki's cuter, so I'll give her my vote!
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I'm gonna be leaving for anywhere from 5 days to two weeks tommorrow to help my friend move. So, I decided to push this along before I left.

(Yeah, I did just copy and paste that... I would offer to fight you if you had a problem with it, but seeing as how we've got cyberspace and possibly thousands of miles seperating us...)

Caska: 3 votes
Nabiki: 7 votes

[b]Here is your winner... Nabiki Tendou![/b]

Not quiet as close as I had expected. I liked both of them, so the outcome is good...
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