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RPG Nature and Necro PG(mild violence and some adult language)

Prince Van

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Well I?ve decided to start the RP but the positions of Priest and Adventurous swordsman are still open.

The people right now are:
The Druidic warrior(Me)(Mayan Shar)
The Church knight (Lord Rannos)(Jyn Lightbringer)
The Thief(Ghost)(Specter)
The EX-Necromancer (Zhara)(Aella Warren)

[size=3][font=Sherwood] Nature and Necro

In the ancient world of wonder and witchcraft existed a great evil, the Necromancers. Necromancers could control the dead using them as shells for great evil, these undead would be completely controlled by the Necromancers, with this ability they controlled the known world but that, that was the tip of the iceberg. They had much worse powers.
Only a few brave warriors would stand up to terrible witches and all failed, the Necromancers had armies that grew every time someone stood up to them, everyone they killed they could turn into to undead, they were unstoppable, nearly. But, think about it, a bunch of powerful evil witches wouldn?t be allies.
Soon the Necromancers simply destroyed each and then turned the dead into undead, If you weren?t a Necromancer were as good as undead but still people escaped. Eventually the Necromancers nearly destroyed everyone until a great Druid by the Coatal stepped in and forced all the Necromancers on to wild lands where they would eventually destroy each other, or so he fought.
As the result of the great battle Coatal was eternally cursed never to face another Necromancer or face certain death. But when the most feared of all Necromancers, Haryl the count of evarel, entered the lands once again Coatal couldn?t let him bring terror again to the lands, he ran into combat relentlessly and suffered a most painful death, as his bones were separated from his skin and replaced by blood, Coatal was dead and Haryl was free to do as he pleased, it seemed all was lost, but there was hope, a group of warriors from every walk of life would join and eventually destroy the Necromancers, Permanently?

Mayan ran towards the city when he heard the call ?Necromancer!?, He rushed in to see a young women about the same age has him surrounded by a group angry thugs. ?We Don?t like Necromancers around here, we kill ?em, all of ?em!? One of them said. ?I am not a Necromancer !? the women said. ?Sure, and I can shoot fire from my ass.? ?That Isn?t anyway to talk to a lady is it, and she can?t possibly be a Necromancer ,where are the undead?? A tall warrior said as he approached the group.
?Huh Lightbringer, what a name for someone who sticks up for a Necromancer.? the men drew swords. ?Well it turns out the witch won?t be the only one killed.??. ?Yes because no one will die.? Lightbringer said. Lightbringer drew his sword, it was much bigger than theirs.
There was a flurry of blows each blocked by Lightbringer?s sword. He was untouchable or so it seemed , one sword caught him in the side. ?I?m no match for all these.? . Mayan had to step in, he charged at the group, two of the fell before he got there, Dagger wounds, He swung around with his scimitar tripping each one of them. ?Where are there trees?? He quickly asked Lightbringer. ?There?s some outside the church, why?? He answered. ?It doesn?t matter just run get to the church!? The three ran towards the church the mob right behind them, they stopped at the doors. ?Get inside.? Mayan said,, the other two got inside as instructed. ?ENTANGLE!? Mayan shouted. Roots from the near-by trees sprung out of the ground and wrapped around each person, stopping them from moving. ?How did you do that???[/font][/size]

Well I?ve introduced Jyn and Aella but I didn?t know how to introduce Specter.
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  • 2 weeks later...
[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Sabre looked over from where he was reading his bible. He stood up and spun around.
"Oh, it's you guys. What brings you here?"
The got up and glared at him.
"What else? We ran inside a church. No offense but a church probably won't protect us against anything but-"
"Necromancy I see." He replied quickly. He looked over to the table. "Gail is her with me. You guys really need some protection, you can't just keep running into churches. People could be having service."
He scowled as he brought up many crosses from his pocket. He distributed them and allowed them ot put them on.
"Now, they aren't just going to move on, so we need to take care of those creatures somehow. And if they do move on... that's even worse."
"Well yes, but that's why we came here. We're requesting reinforcements from you guys." Mayan replied.
"O.K. So where are they?" Sabre asked.
"Outside, trapped in my vines." Mayan replied.
"By all means, let them in."
Sabre nodded.
Lightbringer opened the door, and Mayan untangled the roots. The demons swarmed into the church. Immediately they started hopping around, their feet smoking as they touched the floor.
"What? You wanted in and now you want out?" Sabre let out a hardy laugh. He looked over at the confused faces. "Me and Gail blessed the church, all of it, so no matter where they go they will be in eternal hell."
All of the undead ran for the door. When the first one grabbed the door knob it let go quickly as it's hand flared up. Sabre laughed as he wrapped his holy cloth around his fists.
"Let's rid the world of these abominations." He rose his fists and approached the first demon. He punched it across the face, which was very easy seeing as how the demon was distracted by his burning feet. The holy sash left an instant burn across the demon's face as it spun around in the air and landed on it's back, which was again immediately burned as the demon sizzled out and died.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Ooc: sry about it being... crappy. I just wrote another post for a different one and I can't think of any new ideas.
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The undead rushed the door hoping that there was a chance to knock it open and let a few survive this fight. As the corpses neared the door, they suddenly saw a light slowly grow.
The door was opening.
Paralyzed with fear, the undead knew they had nowhere to run.
A loud clap came from the entry way to the church.
"Nice job padre, but we don't want you to strain yourself."
A silhouette of a man stood at the door.
"Lets skip introductions. For now, let?s rid the unholy ones from this domain."
This strange man dropped his coat. As it fell, all could see the many silver implements he used for his process of eradication. They ranged from those of only a length of two inches, to those who resembled massive stakes inserted into the hearts of vampires.
The man then reached for his back. When his hands returned into view, the undead were blinded by the glare coming from his signature blades.
"Your hour of judgment is upon you. You have all been found guilty on the charges of murder, pillaging, extensive damage of property, and genocide towards all LIVING creatures. Your last words?"
The creatures fell to they knees which charred on contact with the floor. A great fire arose from the ground around each of the scum.
The man still standing in the door way moved his knives in, and started to propel himself towards the burning corpses.
He ran by each one, taking only mere seconds to but his blade to each neck and remove their heads from their torsos.
As the heads hit the floors, he slowly continued in a walking stance towards the others.
"Good evening. I am Raynor Azuled, sworn enemy to all that obey the necromancers."
The moment Raynor finished his sentence, the bodies became engulfed in flames from head to toe, and soon turned to dust.
"So sorry about the rude entrance, please except my deepest apologies."
Returning to grab his coat, Raynor noticed something in the city, right outside the church.
Replacing his coat over his thin and flexible body, he returned to the doorway.
Looking back he gave them all a wink.
"Judgment has been served."

OOC: I didnt want to put anyone else in yet I dont know how each of your personalities are. But i promise, in due time, ill right about the others. It's just i didnt want to get the wrong impression of someone, and end up portraying them wrongly. good luck, srry this one sucked.
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Gail ran to the doors."Sr wait...um take this please it will protect you."she opened the mans hand and gave him a silver cross."Please wear it."she smiled an returned to the church.

"Father are you ok?"she asked.

"Yes i am fine,you may go now an prepare for they might come back."he said.
"Yes father."she bowed an went to her room.

When she closed the door she sat on her bed.The pounded in her head was slowly fadeing.She cluched the cross around her neck an prayed.Slowly she got up and kneeled under her bed.she grabed a small chest from under it.She took a key out of her pocket an opened it up.Inside there were two blades they looke like cross but curved at the end.Laying next to them there were throwing needles an a vile of holy water.She took the needles an filled each with holy water,then she placed them inside her shirt.takeing the knives out she put them around her waste.She looked at the cross over her door."Save us from these monsters."she whisperd.
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Garamond]Aella sinks into the shadows, attempting to calm her racing heart. Mayan had told the thugs the twisted truth of her identity, and she wonders how he would treat her if he knew the truth...

She sighs silently and observes the man in black. Looking down at her hands,she realizes that she'd been holding her dagger hilt so strongly that her already pale knuckles have turned white. She relaxes and walks out of the shadows.

"Thanks you for you're help, sir," she says to Mayan. And without waiting for a reply, she turns and heads for the door. Extremely aware of how much everyone around her loathes Necromancers, she decides to run...A trickle of cold sweat runs down her back as she hurridly seeks somewhere dark to hide.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Raynor had gone outside of the church yard and leaned with his back to the surrounding wall. Looking up to the sky, he thinks.
[I]The bastards have started attacking to the churches... what is going to happen next Lord.[/I] Picking up a rose from within the church cortyard, he inserts the end into his mouth. The rose slowly loses its red pigment, quickly turning to black from all of the negativity surrounding the city.
"Beauty is being reaped from this land too. I can't allow this to happen any longer."
Raynore hears the door to the church slam shut. The sound of tears reach his ears. Gracefully, and swiftfully, Raynor whips the rose out infront of the girl.
"Why is a fair maiden of your age fighting these unrighteous abomination?"
Aella stands in shock that the man just suddenly appeared before her. She accepts the rose and stares at its dark beauty.
"Whats happening?" Aella asks.
"They're happening. They move from village to village, pillaging each one to prepare for the battle at the next. With each town destroyed, their numbers grow. I believe that we could stop them, but... Nevermind for now. Let us return to the church for the time being. We shall converse and prepare for their next attack. May God watch over us."
Raynor left the girl at the gate, and slowly walked towards the church. As he walked, he whispered to Aella," Maiden of Youth, join us inside. To have someone of such beauty and youth taken from us would be a loss we can not recieve."
Raynor walked to the door. As he opened it, he looked back at Aella.

She was still looking over the rose...
O.O.C. hope you all like this so far. Srry, ive been wantin to add on more and more... but i wanna make sure you all get it in too. I'm crazy about this one....
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Suddenly gail falls to her knees.Her head reals with pain.She grabs her head,"FATHER AHH FATHER!!"she screams.Befor her stands a demom of great size.Its wings help it hover above the ground.Gail trys to open the door but it is stuck.Turning just in time to dodge the monsters claws gail rolls under the bed.Soon she becomes acustome to the pain in her head an grabs for her needles.Rolling out from under the bed she jumps up an throws 3 needles at the monster.Two hit him one in the neck the other in the chest.It screams in pain.Gail smiles.She pulls out her daggers an charges the best.As soon as she gets close he whips her back an she flys across the room an hits the wall.she slides down."MONSTER BE GONE!!"she yells.She charges him again an digs her knives deep into the monters back cutting his wings from his back.The monster falls to the floor.He screams in pain as he burns in agony.Gail falls to the ground panting."That was close my lord.'she sits on the bed.

The Priest bangs on the door."GAIL ARE YOU OK?LET ME IN"he busts open the door.

(ooc hope this is ok so far wanted to get a fight in i felt like boxing lol.)
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1] Father Sabre Bust through the door and glanced around. A massive demon with three needles and a dagger stuck in it. Gail sitting on the floor looking flushed and panting. His eyes narrowed.
"O.K. We're leaving." He went over and grabbed gails hand.
"L-Leaving?" She stuttered. "The church? Why, isn't this the safest place?"
He spun around and glared at her wih agony. "That was what I thought, but somehow demons have made this place the target. Look around Gail! At least twenty dead demon bodies, some decapitated some char-boiled and it smells like rotten eggs! No, this [I]used[/I] to be the safest place. But right now, it is the target of all necromancers."
THey walked out through the door and the visual made them realize just how bad it was. The undead were slain all across the floor, some had blood left, some were decayed beyond that point and barely anything but flesh and bone. Heads rolled across the floor and miniature fires on the zombies left-over hair.
"Come on, come on." Sabre hurriedly motioned. "We're leaving."

Suddenly, Raynor returned to the church and so did Aella.
"Augh..." Gail grasped the back of her head at the sight of Aella.
Father looked at Gail, then glared back at Aella.
"..." He thought about this for a bit but was interrupted by Mayan.
"But Sabre, why are we leaving a church? Isn't it safest in here?"
"Gail was just attacked by a flying demon, immune to the blessed floor, and incase you haven't noticed, there are several dead demon bodies all over my beautiful church floor." He spread out his arm and gestured toward a head that had landed on one of the pews. "No, I wouldn't call this safe."
Everyone looked at eachother and nodded. They all slowly walked toward the door.
"Gail...? What's wrong? What are you sensing?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[font=sherwood][size=3]"See god will not protect you always."Mayan said.
?I desecrate this land
With undead souls
I wish thee to hell
With brimstone and coal.?
A terrible and evil shouted from nowhere
Corpse rose from the floor. The fleshing gripping to a dead skeleton. Every undead different than the last. Zombies, skeletons and an extremely weird one, it looked like a skeleton with a parasitic worm inside it. ?I think we should get ready for a fight.? Jyn suggested. He drew his broad sword and waited for the undead to approach.the rest of them followed quickly.
Mayan looked at the weird undead and charged, he swung his sword with such finesse and power the monster was severed in two... or so it seemed.The undead struck Mayan throwing him back into the crowd.This undead was powerful and strong, they had no chance.
The undead shrieked forward scaringly, This time mayan, Jyn and Sabre ran at this weird new enemy, they struck consecutively and viciously until the undead was destroyed, this parasidic worm was it's weak point.By the time they had figured out how to kill it the other undead had surrounded them.[/size][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2]Sabre reached on his back and grasped the head part of his cross. He drew it out revealing the beautifully crafted ivory and the sharp white blade.

"Get away from my church..." Sabre muttered. "Climhazzard!"

Sabre lept up into the air and brought down his sword with an air of authority, the church shook and two of the fiends were knocked off of their feet.

"Out!" He shouted as he slid forward and caught one with the side of his sword, on contact, a sizzling sound was made and a scar was left across the demon's stomach. His sword, made for throws and blunt attacks, threw the demon out the church door and slid him far across the street.

Sabre was hit on the back of his head by a large fist. He flipped into the air and landed on the floor on his stomach, his sword slid across carpet floor. Immediately one tried to grab it and it's hand was seared with pain. Sabre grinned,
"Ha, nice try."

He jumped up and looked to the others for help. Gail nodded and drew our four needles, each of them between the gaps of her fingers. She launched them from her hand, two of them stabbing one demon in the eyes, two of them stabbing another demon in the neck. They both fell as their internals were broiling due to the holy water.

Using this moment of distraction, Sabre ran for the sword as the others battled against the demons, there had to be at least seven or eight left.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Ooc: Sry for taking some control of ur character Gail, but without that little paragraph my post would seem even.. emptier than it is >.<
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Garamond]Glaring at the demonic beings,she draws her dagger, the serrated edge ripping at the leather sheath. A rythmic dance is weaved in the air as she chants softly with her eyes closed.

A soft black form rises out of the ground, its edges wavering in the light. As Aella opens her eyes, two glowing red dots appear on the ethereal beast A peircing shreik emanates from it as it charges the demonic beings. Their bodies turn to shreds as it passes by them, and soon the floor is strewn with...Undead corpses?

The black form turns to Aella after the battle and dissipates into a murky mist behind her. She looks around and reads the faces of those around her, trying to see if they saw her Necromantic power.

A look of rage and disgust is painted onto Raynor's face. Her dagger falls to the ground with a clang. She sinks down beside and holds her head in her hands as muffled sobs escape her lips and shake her shoulders.

Not even bothering to see if the others saw it, she tosses the blackened rose as far away from herself as possible.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[I]She's..... She can't be, THIS CAN'T HAPPEN[/I]
Inside, Raynor had never felt so torn. He could choose between his duties as the last nomad of his tribe, or he could forgive this child.
He ponders for a few seconds...
Raynor walks over to the rose. With a walk so silent that no one around could even hear, Raynor made his way towards Aella. He took a knee besides the emotionally scared child. Raynor gently tilted her head up, letting her hands still retain those tears shed moments earlier. His dark leather gloves somehow felt soft as they held her head.
Raynor moved Aella's hair behind her ears. He took the rose, and ever so softly placed it in her hair, letting the contrast of the black shine on her blonde hair.
"While by the laws of my people, you should be slain before the thousands of your comrades, I could never bring myself to strike one who turned her soul towards good. Maiden of youth, you have my word as an honorable man; no harm shall come to you, from these hands or any others."
Kissing her on the forehead, Raynor then stood before the many around him.
"Listen all ye who have witnessed the actions of today. None shall lay hand on this young girl. She is of good, and I can see it within her."
Raynor held out a hand to help Aella up.
[I]We are so connected, yet doomed to die by each others blades. And yet, I feel....[/I]
As the young girl rose, the others around stood in amazement of the strength Raynor had within himself to trust this young girl.

Replacing his hat on his head, Raynor leaned against a wall, and glared at the others as they stood breathless.
"What next my fellow righteous humans?"
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Garamond]Her heart leaps into her throat as Raynor touches her, and she involuntarily flinches. She stifles her sobs and watches his face...

[I]Why doesn't he hurt me? He could kill me if he wanted to...I don't deserve this kindness...[/I] she thinks to herself. The girl runs her fingertips over the petals of the rose as she rises. Gripping Raynor's hand like some sort of life line, she stands.

[I]'Do you really think he won't kill you the first time you turn your back to him?'[/I] A hoarse voice whisperes in her ear. A shudder courses down her spine as what had been the black ethereal beast speaks to her.

It moves to her other ear, [I]'He'll gut you with those pretty little daggers of his...Your leather won't stop him...'[/I] A dry chuckle causes another shudder to run down her spine, and a look of terror finds its way onto her face. [I]'And when he does kill you...I'll be here to take over you body and kill the rest of them...Slowly and painfully...'[/I]

She sways in place and wraps her other hand around Raynor's.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Well, during this whole dramatic almost-almost not vendetta most of the others were still finishing off the last of the demons. Sabre slid his sword into one demon's back as Mayan stabbed the demonic being in it's chest, both puncturing the parasite as it melted away into ashes. Sabre brought up his sword and blew the cinder off of the ivory blade.
But he had heard what Raynor had said and he had seen what Aella was- or, used to be... So that was what Gail was sensing...
[I]But I have no problem with that. What we did a long time ago has no importance now... [/I]
"What next my fellow righteous humans?" Raynor questioned.
"First, we run."
"...run?" Someone asked.
"Well, you heard the voice that summoned those undead, right? So obviously someone has a target lock on us. If we can't lose them we'll have to lure them out into the open where we can see them."
"And where's that?" asked Mayan.
Nobody answered.
"O.K. Minor setback. We'll think of it when the time comes."
Aella began to sway back and forth into some kind of trance-like state. It appeared she was in deep thought, or something more.
"...Aella? Are you alright?"
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BTW just for the record Mayan doesn't believe in god.

[font=sherwood][size=3]Mayan looked then a saw Aella and Raynor and the rose.He walked over almost immediately and snatched the rose, he held it tightly as he restored it's life ,and colour. He then walked off as if he hadn't done a thing.
"We had better hunt down this Necromancer." Sabre said.
"He's right here!" Avoice said, as they all span around they realised someone watched their fight, the necromancer it seemed.He was a big man wearing Platemail and had a massive sword, bigger than Sabre's and Jyn's put together.he drew this giant sword.
"How can he lift that thing?" Whispered Gail.
The man opened his mouth revealing fangs, "I'll answer that one, i'm a vampyr."
He charged at raynor and Aella, the closest... they were both slammed back.


This is a boss fight so I want it to be pretty long, so I'll do the last post.
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Gail falls to the floor.A sharp pain enters her head,tears fall down her face."Ive got to get used to this pain."she thinks.Slowly she stands up.Grinding her teeth she grabs her needles,swiftly she throws all four of them at the vampire.But somehow he knows,time seems to stop he dodges the needles an catches Gails gaze.Gail stares into his eyes becomeing transfixed in is spell.Another sharp pain runs through her head shakeing her from is spell.He grined.Sabre in all the excitement unseathed his sword an hit the demon in the back of the head.The monster didnt even seem to notice,he swiftly moved behind Sabre an threw him against the wall."NOO!"gail yelled.She drew her daggers."Die Demon."She charged him but he cought her,everyone stopped.He sniffed her an whisperd in her ear."You are mine now."He smiled a toothie grin.

(ooc lol sorry i havent posted much been busy hope this is aight)
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That's fine.

Mayan couldn't stand back, he tumbled dodging the gigantic sword, he stabbed into the vampire's foot. The vampire didn't flinch in pain, he simply kicked Mayan back towards the rest of the group. he dropped Gail and she didn't move, usually she wouldn't hesitate to destroy such an undead, but she was frozen... maybe the spell worked. Mayan wouldn't stop though, he charged again but this time he found a dagger in his back and fangs in his throat, the blood was drained from his body fastly. mayan struggled to force the gigantic sword into the vampire's back, he dropped Mayan. Mayan stumbled back "Oh shit" looking at the blood his eyes went blurry, he fell asleep, knocked out.the Vampire chuckled and then screamed as holy water was injected in his neck.Gail had stabbed him, he then picked up the nun and threw her across the church.
"You're strong willed." He said.[/font][/size]

I want Ghost or Lord Rannos to post.
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"BASTARD OF THE UNHOLY ORDER, YOU END HERE!" Raynor screamed. As he saw the vampire dashing towards him, he quickly thought of what to do. As soon as the vampire was just close enough to not dodge Raynor at all, Raynor removed his coat and threw it over the enemy. Squeals and screams came from within the coat. The vampire had run right into all of Raynor's needles and stakes that were within his coat.
Slowly removing the cloth from his body, the vampire stood and just stared at Raynor while removing the countless needles embedded within him.
"Finally, a piece of flesh willing of my blade."
Raynor then reached for his back, returning each of his blades to his hand.
With a grunt the vampire launched himself at Raynor at such speed; it seemed he hovered above the ground.
[I]The damned seem to be gaining speed...[/I]
Running towards a wall, Raynor reached it and did a flip over the vampire as he uncontrollably flung himself through the wall. Recovering from the jump, Raynor stood before the cloud of dust.
"Hello my dear prey," said the vampire as he miraculously placed himself behind Raynor.

Raynor tried to remove him self from the vampires range, but, without luck, he was launched up into the air. The scream tore threw the silent surroundings. Realizing that he was more vulnerable than ever before, Raynor screamed something he never thought he would, ?Help!!!!" As he fell, Raynor caught the eye of the youth named Aella. She stared as he started to fall. Quickly realizing that there was no help for him if he did not act quickly, Raynor closed his eyes. He took the third large knife from his back and launched it at the demon below him, pinning his foot to the ground.
The vampire looked up, realizing what was about to happen.
As Raynor neared his target, the cross he was granted from Gail started to shine within his leather armor.

The impact was that of great proportions. Dust was tossed everywhere into the air. The sound of the impact was that of thunder. It was as if a tornado had hit that exact spot, ripping the ground to shreds. The dust slowly settled, as the rest raised their weapons. They all saw the demon walk out of the cloud as if dazed in a trance.
As he neared a clear spot, he fell before all, as if he was knocked unconscious from behind. They all stared at his corpse.

His back had been fully carved out, as if it were hollowed out to hold something. Raynor hobbled over to the desecrated corpse. Taking a blade, he removed the head of the beast. He threw it to the side. Blood trickled down from his head. He also had sustained a broken ankle. He walked over to Aella, and put a hand on her shoulder saying," Maiden, I protected you as I said. May this show you the strength of my word."

Raynor fell to his knees, and then his head lay at Aella's feet. He had received so much damage, that he had to rest. The moment his head fell, no one realized that the vampire had returned to his feet. Standing right behind the one known as Lightbringer, waiting to attack.

O.O.C. hey, you like that one. Hope I got hit for ya, maybe that'll get Lord Rannos to talk a bit. lol, have fun ya'all. ps. I still wanna be alive, just I need some help gettin put back together.
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((OOC: OKSEHJFKWJEFHLKWERLKHELRJK. I'm stupid. I deleted my post cuz I read Van's and now I see the someone actually read it...I must find it again. I FOUND IT, YAY! Originally posted before Prince Van's...God, I'm retarded))

[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Garamond]"RAYNOR!" Aella gasps as he collapses, but her gaze swiftly returns to the Vampyr. "Foul creature, return to hell!" She runs at it and stabs it with her dagger before realizing something...They had been attacking its shadow.


Aella turns around and hold aloft her dagger. [I]"Reveal thyself!"[/I] Her words are laced with power as she runs back to Raynor's side. With the true beast coming, Raynor would be most vulnurable, and therefor the first target. Aella intend for no more harm to befall him.

"Raynor...Wake up..."

A cold hand grips her shoulder painfully, dragging her to a standing position. "You should be fighting by my side, little Necromancer." The vampyr squeezes her shoulder harder, and a loud crack is heard throughout the church, followed by an agonized scream. The vampyr drops her to the floor, disgusted. "You are weak. Weak and foolish. Not even fit for a meal." It grins wickedly. "But your friend here, the one you're so protective of, he would make a fine meal."

"NO!" Aella shouts defiantly.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Raynor barely kept himself awake.From where the dust had lay the vampire suddenly apeared, sat on the altar.He charged for Aella, surprisingly, an innocent girl but Raynor dived in the way knowing that he could take one more hit, he flew back.Jyn walked forward, and did something very unexpected.
"I challenge you to a duel."He said.
"Yes honour duel, yes."He said.
"My name is Jyn." He said to the Vampire.
"And mine Lord Quoborn." He followed.
There was a look of amazement in everybody's eyes, He was over five hundred years old.The vampire charged knocking Jyn back, catching him suprise. Jyn returned with a clean hack to Quoborn's chest. Quoborn kicked him back and they swung at the same time, they were in a clash. Quoborn tried to spin his sword round, but Jyn caught the blade. He stepped on it and it snapped, Quoborn dropped the broken sword and bull rushed Jyn. jyn was forced to drop his sword. It was unarmed and nobody was allowed to get involved.


Nobody kill the vampire, I will write the post where he is killed.
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Ooc: Don't vampires not have shadows? Or reflection... or something I don't know. Nevermind.

[COLOR=DarkRed]Sabre glared on with interest.
[I]He's good with a sword, but how good is he hand-to-hand?[/I]
He looked down at his sword.
[I]So reckless. Challenging a vampire to a duel...[/I]
The reflection in his sword showed the two fighting. It was quite amusing, seeing as how the vampire had no reflection is seemed as if Jyn was fighting air.
Then a glare blocked the reflection and obstructed his view.
"Meh, stupid sun." He muttered. Then he stopped. "Sun?"

He looked up, and sure enough, through the sunroof the sun was rising.
[I]Hey, we pulled an alnighter.[/I] His eyes narrowed.
[I]But more importantly.... who has a mirror? Come on Jyn, just hold him off long enough...[/I]
Sabre slowly inched towards the bathroom. Half way there...[/COLOR]
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[font=sherwood][size=3]There was a smash from the bathroom , the mirror had been smashed. Sabre continued, when he got into the batroom he simply hacked through the skeletons, he picked up a shard of the mirror and ran back into the main room.He reflected the light at the Quoborn but then realised it has to be direct sunlight.
jyn was beeing pounded into the ground, The vampire went to bite him but Mayan grabbed him.
"You have infringed my honour."Jyn said.
"yes, by saving you." Mayan said.
Mayan desprately stabbed Quoborn in the heart but it didn't effect him.
"You, you should be dead." He moaned.
"Stake to the heart don't actually kill vampires."He explained as he threw Mayan right into the cross. [/font][/size]
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Raynor awoke, partly dazed, yet somewhat coherent. He opened his eyes to the sight of Mayan being thrown onto the cross. While he could view at the moment, he did not yet have the energy to speak.
[I]They tried the stake, and that didn?t work?!?!? What are we going to do?[/I]
Raynor had a flashback.
He went back to the day the necromancers attacked his tribe. He looked around, seeing himself as a child crouched on the flour as his father killed the undead, and his mother was making a protective spell. As she had finally cast the spell over him, she looked to her right and saw a vampire attacking the women of the tribe. She sat on the ground and drew in a special circle. It was the circle that Raynor prayed within every night. Yet, he knew he had no magical powers as is. Gradually, Raynor sat up, and started scribing into the dust on the floor the symbols which were needed to perform the spell. He first drew the pentagram, followed by the cross. He looked around. To his surprise, Aella had no clue that Raynor was conscious yet. He reached up and took her hand. She looked down into his read eyes. He returned the stare right back into their tearful source. He placed her hand on the symbol, and his on top of hers.
Raynor managed to mutter out a few words, "Stand still monster...? before fainting back into his previous state.
Aella looked down at the ground; she realized that the circle started to glow. Originating from the circle, lines started to grow towards the vampiric beast. When the lines reached his feet, he was about to skewer Mayan. But all of a sudden he couldn?t move further any more. He looked down.
"What kind of witchcraft is this?!?!?"
The lines slowly crept up his body, holding him still as they reached each fiber of his body. During his incoherent slumber, Raynor continued the trail of memories. He saw the vampyr standing still, held by the blinding light vines. He couldnt move for some time. The men and women of the tribe threw countless blows towards him, and yet, with each one, he only stood still with his eyes closed. His mother's spell only held the vampire, not destroying it, but alowing them the opportunity to attack, or flee. He walked over towards the demon, viewing it to see if he could learn from his memories. He looked at him, and he realized something the moment he got a good glance at it's face. This demon in his dream, was the same one within the present time. The demon that had annihalted his tribe, stood before him in reality crushing his new found friends. Eventually his mother was struck down, and the vampire released from the spell. The memory then faintly slipped away, till Raynor was alone in a world of dark. He knew that the spell Aella had just performed could be stopped. It was up to those who could still stand to destroy the unjust vampyr. Only they could destroy him. But how could a rabble of people such as themselves destroy the living dead... Raynor knew that the answer rested in the souls of those still there within the church.
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Gail tried to stand,there seemed to be athousand voices in her head."Kill the priest,no kill the necromancer kill...kill them ALL!"the voices yelled."I will not!"she said in her head.She drew 2 needles an stuck them deep inside her wrists hopeing that the holy water would break the spell.Her head realed with pain."AHHHH!"gail fell to the floor gripping her head."FATHER!!!"she yelled her hand gropeing for sabre."AHHHGGG!"the pain started to shoot throughout her body.She tried to stand once again but was knocked back by a wave of pain.Then it stops the pain leaves.Gail stands up whipeing the sweat off her fore head she draws her blades.Swiftly chargeing twords the vampire."BASTARD!!"she yells an jumps into the air.Digging her blade deep into his back.He grabs her an throws her off."You are strong willed."She hits the wall an falls to the floor."uhhhh."a painful moan escapse her lips.She slowly gets to her feet."Hes to strong."she thinks."We've got to get him outside somehow.Gail grines her teeth in pain.
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Garamond](OoC: I've got it! FYI, the Italian is a spell: "Denizen of Hell, come face your true master! Bow before my power!", and the Death Caster refers to the literal translation of the word 'Necromancer'.)

She watches her new friends fight off the vampyr to no apparent effect in a detached state. Mentally she's reviewing everything and anything she has ever learned about vampyrs, mostly how to dominate their minds. Something useful comes to mind, a memory more unforgettable than others.

[I]"Aella, this is the price you pay for failure! Had that leech not been under my control, you would be undead right now!" "Y-Yes, Sir," I mumble through a bloody lip. Lieing there on the floor, clutching my neck, I struggle to stand. A searing assault to the back of my head strikes me prone again. "You are not worthy to stand in my presence." I grow and fling my blood-soaked towel at the assailant. "Watch out, or you'll end up in my undead army!" I snarl.[/I]

"That's it, subvert his mind!" Aella flexes her arm and points at the vampyr. Building up the unused Necromantic power bends her mind, but a thought of Raynor and the others keeps her on her path. [I]"Il naturalizzato di Inferno, è venuto la faccia il suo vero padrone! Inchinarsi prima del mio potere!"[/I]

The beast turns to her with a smirk. "Oh, so now you want to play, little Death Caster?"

"Yeah. The name of the game's 'Get the Necromancer Out of Your Mind, if You Can'!" And with that, she plunges into his twisted mindscape. Her body goes still and her eyes go dead.Vulnerable, she tries to dominate it quickly, but the beast is powerful. Slowly it advances on her until it barely has a few feet between them.

Suddenly, her eyes sparkle with life. Sucking in a great gasp of air, Aella falls to the floor. The beast, however, stands stock still. She gets back her breath and points at it, "Do -cough- whatever they command you to do, Nicodemeus Blackrend!"

He glares daggers, but makes a polite bow anyways. "As you command, Mistress."

(OoC: Hey guys, I don't know if you're going to read this or not, but please do. I may not post for a while...My dad's going to Afganistan in nine months, and I'm really tweaking out about it. I just thought you might like to know...)[/FONT][/COLOR]
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