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RPG a renewed light (PG13)


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"all right everyone gather round we got a mission of great importance" Anton said as he puuled up a holographic map of Spira as all the member s of CALM gathered around a large table in the abandoned Reamin Temple
"it seems that Neo-sin is planning on robbing the *Riksite mine in Kilika by summoning up massive amounts of fiends and *NEospawn so we got to go there and stop em" Anton said
"how are we going to do that" Kart asked
"simple we going to go there and kill all the fiends that show up we also have got an agreement with the Al Bhed faction in Djose to have help from one machine of our choice sinse the Al bhed ant to protect the Riksite at any cost even going againsst Kerco Greedy as the Djose Al Bhed are they do have some preety handy Machines"
Anton said he pulled up a picture of the Al bhed HEadquarters locatedin the metalic wonder of Djose
"well howdy there you must be Anton" a boy said he had lanf blonde hair a large gun holshered on his back
"everyone this is Jion he is are Al bhed connection he's a direct decendant of Gippal his father is head of the Al bhed
Everyone said hello to Jion
"so where do you want to meet" Jion said
"it would seem that the midway point would be *Mechalanina wouldn't you say" Kelse said
"fine then Mechalania it is" Jion said and closed the link
"for this mission sinse it is important anyone who wants to come can be in Mechalania at noon in two days I'm going to Djose to speak with Jion then to Bevelle to speak with New Yevon about how they stand with us I'll meet you in Mechilania" Anton said
"Dismiised" he said and left the room

OOC: *Riksite- a jem that has speacil propertys that powers 75% of the Machines in Spira
Mechalania- the macilania forest died many years ago so the 3 of the four parties in Spira decied to rebuild the forest with machines and renamed it Mechalania
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Meteo and Dragus walks in the room just missing the meeting. "Did we miss anything? We were hung up with the neo Sin guys on our way here. We had to kill them to get away." Dragus says with reloading his guns and making sure the safties are on. "Nothing like a battle to keep the weapons in tip top shape. Along with the mechanics." he continues.

"Hey Dragus we have a new person it looks like." Meteo says pointing out Jion.
"Yeah... Hey pal my name is Dragus and the swordsman there is Meteo. We are a pair that usually kill the Neo sin guys." Dragus says walking to Jion. "You don't look like you mind to be doing a few missions with me and Meteo. We'll have a party for ya tonight k?"
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]"Most the killing, your joking right?" Sara said walking in behind them. "You two can't take all the credit." She fiinished in a joking way. "Hey, don't push Spectre." Meteo said turning around. She smiled and sat down in an empty seat. "What did I miss boss?" She asked casually. "Not much, just your orders." Kelse said narrowing her eyes slightly. "Oh thats okay, I never listen anyway." Spectre replied laughing to herself.

Spectre looked at the new kid, stood up and walked over too him. "And how are you today sir." She sat down on the edge of the table in front of him. "Uh... ok." He stuttered, blushing. "Good, I hope you know how to use that." She continued pointing at his weapon. "Don't scare the guy." Dragus said walking up to the side of him. "I was just welcoming our newest member." She replied, standing up to her fullest height, which was only to Dragus' shoulder. "Sit down." Anton said, a little annoyed. "Sorry sir." Sara said quietly as she made her way back to her seat. "What is it this time?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Kelse couldnt manage but to smile at the strange way everything happened around the office,"I hope you three realize that if we were to be inspected right now, none of us would keep a job."

"Why are you saying that? Everybody knows that we are some of the best thay have. Why would they give us the boot?" Spectre said as she sat down.

"Wether we are good or not doeent matter. We may not be the best looking group, but just because we joke around alot dowsnt matter. They arent gonna fire us for that."Dragus said as he sat down.

"Hang on, if we three missed it, and you two made it in time, aww forget it. Whats are mission plans gonna be."Meteo said as he proped his feet up on the table.

"The jist of it is that we have to stop Neo-sin from getting into the Riksite mine. Thats where they are heading, and thats where they will be. They will get there tomarrow, or the next day, one or the other, and we will getthere in two days. Well, the ones that want to go will go and meet up in Mechalanina, half way to the mine." Kelse began, looking down at her clip board.

"Furthermore, we will not be alone. Some locals have let us take a machine, so we will use it as well. Dammit, Spectre are you listening?"

"Huh? Oh no I want. I told you that already." She said with a smile on her face.

"Why do I try?" Kelse said as she leaned back in her chair.
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Meteo and Dragus get up. "Well we're going to head over there. We'll try to get as many as we can." Meteo says. "I know Dragus. He'll probably do some stealth movements and shoot them in the head. But thats just one thing he'll do. If me and Dragus do that... Ohhh there'll be some killing of Neo-Sin... Spectre you're comming with us.... New guy We'll have a good old time come on. We need some fresh blood that joined to fight Neo-sin."

Dragus pulls the Silenced Handgun and spun it around finger on the trigger at all times. "Besides Spectre with Me and Meteo's Hatred for the Neo-sin Whenever we hear about something they want we head ther and make sure we take it out of there reach and punish them for trying something by killing as many of them as possible." Dragus says. "Meteo make sure your ninja suit is ready."

Meteo looks at Dragus. "Oh you mean the Shadow Strike costume... You know I don't use that." Meteo remarks. "I'll give that to the new boy.... He'll Probably make better use of that than I do.... I have it in Mechalania so he can pick it up there."
OOC: THe Shadow Strike costume as Meteo calls it is an all Black ninja suit that covers the wearer head to toe so except for the eyes so he can sneak around and not be seen without NVG/Thermal Goggles if in dark alleyways/dark shadows.
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"this is what you get for missing out Jion is not a member of Calm" Anton said with a look of frustaion at the 3 late members
"well not all the way atleast he is an old friend he is our connection wiith the Al Bhed and most likely will leave us once he is not needed" Anton said
"He's right,Mate I'm no memble of CALM but I might reconsider" he looked at Spectre
"so right then I'm heading to Mechalania" Anton said
"Ey, Mate can she come along too" he said again pointing at Spectre
"thats up to her, well Sara?"
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]"I don't know, Dragus and Meteo might blow themselves up without me." Spectre said smiling. "Now, why would we do that?" Dragus replied, keeping back laughter. "I don't know boss. This isn't like me but... I'll let you decide, Anton."But before you choose my company, just remember. I can't promise they'll come back in one peice. You know they never keep up with me." She added still smiling. "One day Sara, your mouth is going to get you in trouble." Anton said wearily. "One day? Ha! It's already got me in trouble." Spectre stood up and walkd in front of Anton. "So, what'll it be?"[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"well sinse I dont doubt that Dragus and Meteo will probally get there butts caght in an explosion I do think you should go with them" Anton said
"dont woory cap' we'll be good till you get back"
"but I will take you with sinnce Jion wants it si pack up we leave tomorrow Sara" Anton said as kart approached him
"and what about the rest me" he said
"oh right sinse I'm taking Sara with me I'm asighning you for this mission with Dragus and Meteo" anton said
"as for the rest of you you have a choice go with me to Mechalania or go with Kart to Kilika Calm dismissed" Anton said

the next day

Sara and ANton mounted their scooters and headed for Mechalania when they arrived Jion and one of his body guards were already at the randevoue point the spring sphere that replays the scene of tidus and yuna kissing every month as do all the Yuna spheres that are placed acrossed Spira some palces even have her journey as a gullwing
" 'Ello,mate" Jion said as a little machine stood by his side
"oh thats what I snagged from me pa it is a a simple bomber but I tricked it out it plenty of ammo including sleep bombs blitzballs regular old bombs and me Favorite Knockout bombs" Jion said
"but isnt sleep gas and knock out gas the same" Spectre noted
"whoever said it was gas" Jion said as he grabbed a control sphere pressed a few buttons Anton could hear the clunking of the differnt bombs into there slots as he heard a loud boom a bomb shot a few feet from them it burst as a giant punching glove appeared
"its a hoot" Jion said as Anton and Spectre sighed
"so what your name preety lady" Jion said looking at Spectre
"Spectre" she said
"Oh one more thing mate I'm coming wit ya its boring back home and me sis in bikanel dont need my help" he said as he sent the boddygaurd away and took out a large gun
"well lets go then"
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When Icarus first joined CALM four years ago, it was his job to decipher the coded dialect sent by radio between members. Though he had hated the job at the time, he was lucky now to have become fluent in CALM's radio code. It was how he had discovered the Al Bhedian involvement in this new mission, days before Jion had arrived. It was also how Icarus had managed to be in Mechalania, just in time to see his "allies" test their new machina without ever setting foot into CALM's headquarters.

Icarus watched with tired amusement in his lime-like eyes, as the machine beside the Al Bhedian, whose name Icarus had not cared to learn, fired off a boxing glove to impress the others. It was a fool?s weapon, thought Icarus, not fit for the battlefield. Was this meager machina all the help Anton could enlist? If it was not for the deal he and Icarus had made when he joined, Icarus would have long since deserted the pathetic resistance.

Icarus' eyes drifted away from the Al Bhedian machina, and were almost instantly caught by Spectre's fiery glare. Strange, Icarus didn't think anybody had seen him in the shadows where he stood, but Spectre had no problem spotting him. He assumed the cherry at the end of his long cigarette had given him away. Icarus grinned maliciously, and stepped from the shadows.

The summer heat had reduced the majority of CALM members to shirts and shorts, but Icarus seemed oblivious of the temperature. He wore his heavy dark raincoat as always, pale as the moon without a single sweat drop to adorn his face. Spectre said something to Anton, never taking his eyes off Icarus, and he looked over. The hate that burned in Spectre's eyes hardly showed in Anton's; for the most part he looked upon Icarus like a tolerated but unwelcome guest. Jion looked to see what the other two were looking at. Icarus approached with three pairs of eyes upon him.

When Icarus came close, he shot a glance at Jion, who quickly averted his eyes. Somehow, he had guessed a big Al Bhedian welcome was not in order here. "Anton," Icarus started. "I wish to travel with Dragus and Meteo. Where are they?" Anton paused before answering. "You weren't at the briefing, Icarus."
Obviously. Icarus stayed silent. Finally, Anton sighed, and pointed east. "They went with Kart to Kilika Calm. It's too far to walk-you should either stay with us, or borrow a vehicle and go directly to the mines." Icarus nodded, and looked back to the hover bike he had ridden here.

"Why don't you travel with the dogs where you belong?" Spat Spectre, still glaring. She hated Icarus, and for good reason. Icarus had attacked her without warning only two months ago, resulting in two broken ribs. Icarus doubted that Spectre would ever know the reason behind it. Icarus only grinned, showing his menacing teeth, razor sharp. "Call me a dog again, dear Spectre," Icarus said in his cold, hoarse voice. "And I shall tear your eyes from your face." Then he quickly turned around and mounted his bike, which spit gravel as it shot off. It was only as he was leaving, did Jion notice a passenger on his bike--nervous child of fourteen or so, with a heavy rifle strapped to his back. He didn't look like a soldier, but he would fight like one today.
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"Ingore him I have ICaraus classafied as a speacil agent for Calm he rarely shows his face his experience at Calms radio code lets him know everything before hand unless not transmitted" Anton said as he looked at Spectre
"if he threatens you again tell me ok" ANton said
"I'll show him hmph" Jion said
"well I guess everything is in order shall we go" Anton said as he mounted his scooter and Spectre mounted hers Jion mounted a strange looking Machine
"let me guess a new traveling machine" Anton said
"yup its not in devolpement found the blueprints in the trash and decided to build it I dont see why it was thrown away this thing could revoulutionized travel in Spira once I find the guy who designed it I'm gonna give him a promotion meet you there" Jion said as he flew off
"well lets go once we get to Luca we'll get a transport to Kilika" Anton said as the two of them took off"

in kilika
"I hope anton gets here soon" Kart said as he slashed a fiend near the entrance to the mine
"nah were doing fine" Dragus said as another fiend ponuced and Neo sin Soliders marched up to the mind being stoped by the calm members at the mine
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Meteo slashes the fiend nearest the Neo sin Soldiers. "Dragus Use the Machine gun it's the best bet." Meteo says as he slashes the fiend. "Ah good Idea Meteo I will." Dragus Grabs the Machine gun and Fires waves of bullets at Neo sin soldiers to his Right of the Fiend stopping periodically to reload. "If you want some of the Neo sin better get some..." Dragus says as he continues his firing.

Meteo eventually kills the Fiend and then starts Slashing the Neo Sin Soldiers to the Left. "Hey Dragus the Fiend outside the mine done one left, and, a mess of Neo sin Soldiers left. Let the others worry about the fiend for now. Lets bust some heads." Meteo says running a few of the neo sin soldiers through.
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