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Writing Kung fu story [Pg-13, violence, suggestive themes, religious themes]


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[size=1][color=darkred]This is my first fanfiction, with that being said, keep that in mind when reviewing this story. Please give constructive critisism, and look closely for grammatical errors and spelling problems. So, something out of the ordinary samurai fanfictions and anime spinoffs, read this story. If you want samurais, dont read this story.

Chapter 1.Enlightenment

Bodhidarma, the father of Shaolin, was a humble monk from the country. The year was 539 AD. Bodhidharma looked back, the sun, shining brightly in his eyes, toward his monastary. He was in his own world. the birds were singing songs, the wind, blowing cooly, his sweat seeming to absorb the coolness of the wind. It felt like ice he thought. Ice brought the thought of the Himilaya mountains to his mind. he had been thinking for years about spreading cha'n buddhism to China(Ch'an is the Chinese translation for the Sanskrit word "dhyana" meaning Yogic concentration. Also known as Zen), and in order to spread the teachings of buddha to China, He would have to make a quite fruitful journey across the Yangze river, fight many bandits in close quarters, and cross the Himlaya mountains. He walked slowly to a nearby hill, were he would meditate on this prospect.

His wife and son had been killed years ago, in a house fire, He could seek revenge on the current emperor, but revenge was not something the mind of a monk should even think about. Let alone the master of a monastary! He then began to meditate. he contortioned himself into a grotesque ball, by wrapping his legs aroudn his head and shoving his head into the area of his crotch. This is an advanced Monk movement, which it is rumored they were forced to sleep in this position. Bodhidarma remembered his childhood days in India. Master monks forcing young children into odd positions, gaurds watching you sleep, making sure you were streching, doing splits, or contortioning yourself in the unconcious state of sleeping.
He used to hate them. But now, as he grew old, he loved his old masters, he loved how they forced him to contortion himself, he lvoed to perform for them, he loved zen and buddhism, he loved everythign his masters taught him. That is why he hated to leave them. His mind now foccused on the chirping of the birds, the stream water running, and the leaves blowing in the wind. The sight of Bodhidharmas meditation place was truely a sight to behold. It looked very similar to japanese gardens of the meji era, though japanese gardens were based around there chinese counterparts.

He continued to meditate. After days of meditation, something changed in his mind, his body uncontorcioned itself and he fell on his back. He felt changed. The mysteries of life, they all of the sudden became so utterly simple! He felt nearly perfect! The world seemed to revolve around him, he seemed to be one with the trees, the grass, the birds, the water, he was now a peice in this garden, He was a part of nature. He had reached nirvana.

That was chapter one. I will have more chapters to come once this one is commented on.[/size][/color]
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