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Anime Who watches FLCL?

Tyler Koregaten

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Does anyone here like FLCL? It's definately one of the most [I]hilarious[/I]
animes there is. (SPOILERS AHEAD)[spoiler]A boy who has the odd (and seemingly disturbing) burden of things coming out of his head, a housekeeper who keeps the
place running, makes sometimes gut-urching meals, can build almost anything, and crashes at least 15 different ways per episode. Welcome to the life of middle school student Takkun. Jump on in, his nightmare's warm.[/spoiler]
If you haven't seen FLCL or are going to criticize it wrongfully, then do not post in this thread. :D You're very welcome.
Genius comes standard.
P.S. Criticize me and you pay! :D (State Alchemists rule!:p )
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