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Writing My fav. Poem that took a really long [PG]


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Hello,I've decided to put my poem up and hope to hear what you think.And when you read it,you can guess a little as to who it's about.Enjoy!!

Open tears.

To you I'm more than decieving,
If I had a dime for everything you've done,
I'd be less poor,than richer.
So,maybe my heart was ripped,
like a moster breacking free.
But tell me who really cared,
for MY well being.
Was it you who cryed for tears unshed?
Or was it him who,just laughed instead?
Was it the girl who tried just to hard?
Or was it him how couldn't get far?
My blood ripples like a pond,
that just settled untill dawn.
And my tears are like a knat,
bothersom,lazy like a cat.
And who cares as to what you said.
No one really understands,
I cannot heal,mend,or fend,
or lend a helping hand.
And when I tried to stop myself from crying,
all my feeling burst from hiding.
Sent to live in this cold shell,
cold,dank,not very well.
Knowing you,
you would not last.
To see me like this,
torn to ash.
Sent to flames,
hidden with shame,
of a game that's neither won nor played.
Filled with conceren,
pushd to a corner,
I bleed with sorrow,
of tommorrow.
To be chained with a shackle,
bound to your every word.
Yet time and time again,
i hear the flames crackle.
Pulled to teh ground,
pushed from beneath.
My rage comes,
beckoned from the sheath.
My tears fall fast,
falling to the floor.
With my blood on your hands,
I never thought you would...
Maybe it was true,
that you could not be changed.
Maybe I was fooled,
as well as betrayed.
Could you help the pain so deep inside?
Or will I have to sit here and just cry?
For everything that I've lost,
my heart and soul was the cost.
So,half of my soul returned,but not a single one,
held onto feelings I long for,
That I wish would return.
Would i hold onto hatered any longer?
Maybe it's time to say goodbye,
So i can lay here and wonder.
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