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RPG Star Wars Episode 1: A Hope Protected [M-VL]

Guest Sean

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[SIZE=1][b]A Hope Protected [M-VL][/b]

There was once, three glorious stars, shining the brightest light upon the seven worlds of one galaxy, these stars were beautiful but the taint of every world. With these stars came heat, but when the seven worlds started manipulating the stars for there own use, wars between worlds started. And with this, the stars broke away from sight, dying, and leaving the worlds to collide with each other, those worlds plunged into darkness, and the stars disappeared from known existence.

The worlds created artificial replacements of the stars, which gave off heat and light, but somewhere deep in a brand new universe, the stars were crumbling away, they soon fell from the sky completely, after thousands and thousands of years. The stars fell for what seemed an eternity to the people in the near by galaxies, one night it could be heading straight into there own galaxy, but another it could have completely changed path and going away.

With loud crashes, the three stars broken into millions of pieces had landed on hundreds of different planets. The unfortunate souls who came near the dead stars were drawn straight into it and absorbed, the stars glowed for seconds then went dull again. But people came, who could manipulate the stars, and the stars brought about much power towards the people who could manipulate them.

Many bounds in technology were made, from small things like holograms, to the huge, decimating Star Fighters. However, the people who could manipulate the stars, shined a leap that would split the galaxies into two opposite sides.

The Lightsaber. The weapon of those who had the power of the stars, seemingly made from the skies themselves. Beams of light that could cut through anything that was ever made. From flesh to steel, it simply seemed to evaporate the materials that it came in contact with. It began as a simple white light, like a flashlight. Soon, they learned to channel colours into the blade.

Those who held power over the stars began a sort of religion. They called it the Khala, or the "Path of Ascension." It was a rigged path of honour, pride, and self control. It taught to never be controlled by your intentions, to act as a catalyst for the greater good of the universe.

However, with power comes corruption. There wasn't dissention when the Khala was first formed, but after a while, it began to get out of hand. There were those that chose to live like a normal being, with their awesome control over the voids of life still intact. They were seen as "evil."

Eventually, those with control over the unimaginable powers split into two groups. Those who held true to the Khala called themselves Jedi, while those who chose the path of a normal as they could get life, the Sith. Like every disagreement, War was spawned from this.

The two religions, tried there best to stay on good terms with each other, but when such views are so different, nothing can be sought, and this hope was only burned away with the swish of a black lightsaber. The black lightsaber, forged from the core of the star themselves, pulsating with immense power, the Sith had created the most powerful weapon in the entire universe. And the creators of the lightsaber were found as the lords of the Sith. Whilst, not soon after, the Jedi were crumbling slowly beneath the force of one swing from the saber.

The Jedi were nearly lost, but five Masters were sent away, away from what would have been the downfall of the Jedi, but with the Masters, they sent one young boy, barely alive, the saviour of the universe, or the corruption of all. In the small mind lay the very foundries of the Force and the Stars from which he was spawned. The King of Jedi, or the great Sith Overlord. [/SIZE]


[b]Chapter One:[/b] Hoth

[b]Characters Involved:[/b] All - ^.^; Deucalion; Retribution; Sean.

[b]Scenario:[/b] The group have landed on the ice world of Hoth where they plan to build a camp inside an ice cave, but certain things start to happen, and the group are greeted by other inhabitants, hostile or friendly? That?s up to how you act with them. All characters are asked that at least one character should remain with Blu.

Good luck to all![/FONT]
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