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Gunslinger Girls Banner and Avi


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hey all, been awhile since I've been on the OB. But I'm back and I would like to request a banner of Gunslinger Girls and an Avi, if that is possible... one or the other would be fine but both would be quite nice :catgirl:

umm for the text on the banner i think i would like to keep it really simple and just have it say...

[B]Better to live one year as a tiger, then a hundred as sheep[/B]

and i would just like a really pretty banner and avi if possible.

thanks so much guys <3
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]I've given the banner a try. Since you've mentioned no specific girls / handlers / or alliances I've gone with the top three girls that people are most familiar with.

If you would like any changes, please notify me.
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thank you soo much both are beautiful, i wanted just Rico but i thought that would be getting too picky. so i went for vague.. but if you could just do Rico that would be splendid! but if not that's fine too, im very happy with the banner and avi.

thanks so much ^_^
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