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The Island


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[color=darkslateblue] I just watched this yesterday, I just decided to post my random rant about it.

Yeah, The Island was not a great movie... but it was mostly meant to entertain. Yeah, there were some philosophical stuff tied in, and it was supposed to make you think, but mostly it was made to entertain (Michael Bay, duh). And...it was entertaining enough. There are two awesome car-chase scenes and bunch of explosions, so I don't really see what everyone is complaining about. What the hell were they expecting, anyway? This is regular 'let's go see this flick for fun' thing.

Um, anways. I guess it will entertain a lot of americans or something. It is your basic summer flick with a bunch of action and a plot that only goes so deep. The only think seriously 'bad' I can think of is that people were dissappointed because it could have been really amazing (like The Matrix or Minority Report) where both action and plot are excellent).

Yeah, I am not surprised that it was a failure at the box office. Ewan and Scarlett are big enough stars, or whatever. But some people are calling this the worst sci-fi movie ever, and...it is not that bad, considering the bad sci-fi movies out there. I don't know why so many people are ragging on this film, did you really expect something that great?

And yeah, The Island really is extremely similar to that old movie and that book (I don't remember their titles), but I'd like to tell everyone complaining to shut up. I mean, I'd understand if someone copied a movie that was made like one year ago, but The Island is merely taking it and re-doing it in present technology and filmography. Anyone who thinks that people should always be creating thing entirely original and not borrowing stories/ideas and recreating them should go live in a hole somewhere.

To wrap it up, yeah, The Island has random plot holes and it doesn't nearly satisfy on an intellectual level, but did you really expect it to? It's entertainment. And it entertained.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Hm... I enjoyed the first half of this movie alot. The second half was mediocre, but you're right, it was a good enough action flick. Definetly good enough to go see with some friends. I seriously can't believe people called this movie the worst Sci-Fi movie of all time. It wasn't strong, but it wasn't weak either.[/SIZE]
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