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Request New Avi/banner for DC


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[FONT=Arial Narrow]Hey my lovely OB people. Well I have yet to figure out how to work Adobe Photoshop so I have been unable to create my own work yet...*grumbles*. So I must still rely on the wonderful and talented work of the various artist on this fine site.

I'm looking for a Wolf's Rain themed avi/banner set. I have a couple pictures attached, but you are not limited to these. I would like something blue/gray, almost sad, but not depressing or bloody. Hmm...can't think of much else. If you have any questions you can either PM me or place it on this thread.

Thank you oh so much![/FONT]
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If you want me to change anything in the set, please PM me. Um, also do tell me if you're not gonna use the avatar. I likesss it.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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