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Vampire's Night [PG-VL]


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[size=3][font=Georgia]My first whack at a story. Here goes!

"Well, guys? Are you ready?" Kerri asked, smiling and pulling her mid-back length, black hair from under her guitar strap. "Neoma?" She turned her head and looked behind the drums to a blonde, short-haired girl who returned her smile and gave her a thumbs up. "Serena?" She looked to her right and met the gentle, green gaze of the bass guitarist, who merely nodded.

Kerri turned and faced her microphone. Before turning it on, she said, "This is it. Our debut." One more great smile played across her face as she flipped the switch on her microphone.

The small red curtain in front of the trio lifted to whistles and cheers. Kerri held her guitar pick tightly in her fingers and struck a low chord. "One, two, ready, go!" she shouted. She and her bandmates erupted into song. The whole time they were playing, the only thing Kerri could think was, 'Sure, it's a bar, but it's a debut!'

When the band was finished playing, they all bowed and the curtain fell, muffling the drunken cheers of the crowd. Kerri turned around, beaming. "That was perfect!" She ran over to Neoma and hugged her, although the hug was made rather awkward by Kerri's guitar stuck between them.

"Let's start packing up," Serena said in her calm, level voice, holding her guitar and staring at the other two through her long, brown bangs.

"Alright," replied Neoma. Together, they got the drums, amplifiers, and guitars out to their band truck which was actually Serena's brother's truck.

While they were packing up, Kerri had gotten a bottle of water. Serena and Neoma were getting into the truck when Kerri finished the bottle and said, "I'll get rid of this before we go." She went into the alley behind the bar (the truck was parked behind the bar) and found the trash can. She threw the empty bottle in and turned around.

As she began to walk away, she felt something wrap around her wrist. Kerri jerked around and saw a drunken man behind her. "You're real pretty, aren't you?" he said, pulling her so close, she could smell the alchohol on his breath. "Let me go!" she cried, trying to pull away from him. The man reached for and grabbed her other wrist and pulled her even closer to him. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, then a cloth over her mouth and nose. She began to lose conscience and fell limp onto the man in front of her.

Kerri heard drunken laughter, then cries of pain and a deep voice saying, "Hey, stay awake. Hey!"

The young girl began regaining her senses. The smell of burning wood filled her nose. Slowly, she opened her eyes and found herself staring up at rotting wood. She shot up to a sitting postion and noticed that she was sitting on a very squishy couch. The fire to her right was the only means of light that she could see. The window on the wall in front of her showed dark skies-it was still nighttime.

Kerri brought her knees up to her chin and she realized that someone had put a black, leather trench coat over her shoulders and buttoned it up. The large coat hung far off of her small frame. She stared into the fire. "Where am I? Where are my friends? I want to go home..." she whispered to herself. She buried her face in her knees.

"Are you crying?" a man's voice said behind her. She gasped and whipped her head around. Kerri saw a man leaning on the back of the couch, smiling at her. "Hiya."

"Ah!" Kerri fell off the couch and crawled backwards, away from the man until her back collided with one of the warm stone pillars that held up the fireplace mantle. "Go away! Leave me alone!" She was hiding her face in the trench coat.

"Hey, I won't hurt you. What's wrong?" The man went around the couch and knelt in front of her. Kerri lifted her head a bit so she could see his face.

In the firelight, Kerri saw the man's brilliantly red hair fall in front of his golden eyes. His face was a pale grey color. He smiled, revealing a glimpse of-

"Fangs..." Kerri gasped, her voice quivering with fear. The man laughed a bit, then leaned in close to her. He said in a low voice, "You're very beautiful." His warm breath on her face gave her goosebumps. He then leaned in even closer to her and kissed her.

Kerri made noises of surprised protest and tried to pull away, but her back was to the stones and she couldn't move away any further.

"Albern!" another man's voice cried. Loud footsteps drew closer and the man called Albern was lifted by the collar of his black, leather jacket, pulled away from Kerri, and thrown over the couch headfirst onto a staircase that was about fifteen feet away from Kerri. The man that threw Albern shouted, "This woman is my guest and does not need your vile tongue in her mouth!"

He turned to face Kerri and she couldn't help but stare at him.

He was very handsome. His skin was the same shade as Albern's, but his complexion was very fair. The man's hair was long, the ends reaching his thighs, and he had no facial hair. His eyes were a deep blue, as though an entire ocean were contained in them. He wore black pants and a black tank top. He lowered his immensly tall and skinny frame to her eye level. "I'm sorry about my brother, miss. My name is Tariq. Your name is?"

Kerri continued to stare for a moment, then snapped out of the trance and said, "Erri! I-I mean Ber-Kerri." She lowered her head and hoped that the close-by firelight concealed her reddening face.

Tariq smiled, then stood up and said, "You're lucky that I got to you before those drunks ripped your shirt completely off."

"Huh...?" Kerri looked down the trench coat and saw that over half of her shirt had been ripped open. She blushed even more. 'Did he see anything!?' She looked up at him with a desperate look, that thought rushing through her head.

As though he had read her mind, Tariq said, "Don't worry. I covered you up with my coat before I saw anything. I wonder where idiots like them get chloroform though..." He turned around and walked into a room by the stairs. "Are you hungry?" he asked casually.

'...I want to go home...' Kerri thought to herself.

I'll post again tommorrow, I hope!

[/font][/size][size=3][font=Georgia] Here's the update!

Tariq poked his head out of the room and repeated, "Are you hungry?" Kerri shook her head mutely and hid her face behind her knees again. Tariq sighed, then left the room (which Kerri assumed to be the kitchen) and climbed halfway up the stairs. In hushed whispers, he spoke to Albern, who had been sitting on the stairs, watching the two.

After a few minutes of their whispering, Tariq stood up and walked past Albern to the landing where he turned and looked up a second flight of stairs. "Connor! Lysander! Get down here!" he shouted.

While the two that Tariq had called were coming down, Tariq dragged Albern down to the floor.

Kerri lifted her head to see the first person coming down the stairs. He had short, brown hair and vibrant, bright green eyes. His skin was a very dark, tan shade. When he hit the landing, he had just finished pulling on a light brown, short sleeved shirt. His long legs were covered by dark brown pants and his socks muffled his footsteps only slightly. He looked down and saw Kerri. After gaping for a moment, he asked, "Who's she?"

"She, Lysander," Tariq said, "is Kerri. She is my guest here."

The large, broad-shouldered man practically jumped the flight of steps and clear over the couch. He landed right in front of Kerri. Lysander grabbed her hand, pushed the trench coat's long sleeve to her wrist and kissed her hand. "M'lady, Lysander Kenrick at your service."

"Aren't we chivilrous today, Kenrick?" came a cold voice from the landing. Everyone turned around to face a man, rather shorter than the others by at least a half of a foot. He had long silver hair that hung down to his elbows. His eyes were an icy blue and he had a face that looked as though it had never smiled. He wore a light blue long sleeved shirt and pants under what looked to be a tough leather tunic. His black boots were made of the same material.

"Kerri, this is Connor. Connor, my guest, Kerri," Tariq motioned towards the girl.

Connor studied Kerri for a few minutes, then said, "What's the point of having a woman here? She's just a human."

"She was about to be raped, Connor! I couldn't just leave her there!"

"Just a...human?" Kerri asked, perplexed. "What do you mean? And why do you-" she pointed to Albern "-have fangs?"

Tariq paused for a few seconds, then started, "Well, Kerri...we're-"

"Tariq and Albern are vampires, Lysander is a warrior mage and I am a wolf demon," Connor said shortly. He began to move towards the flight of stairs that lead to the second floor. "If that's all, I'll be going back upstairs now." Without another word, he climbed the stairs and hastened away.

I promise, the next installments will be better. I did this one while I had alot on my mind, so it's not too good. ^.^;;

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