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Random Questions..

Hells Angel

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Do you like to blow bubbles?

Do you like fire?

Do you like the clouds?

I dont know it kinda got boring with the same subjects so I gues..i sorta decided to be silly..You dont have to answer if you dont want too..Just something to get something other than depressed stuff.. :animeswea

I like to blow bubbles and pop them.

Look at my site! Yeah I love fire.

The clouds rock!!


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This thread topic is not up to the quality level we like to see here on the OtakuBoards. The questions you asked can be answered with simple yes or no answers. When starting a new thread be sure to begin with a subject that will spawn conversation and discussion, not just because you are bored. The first post in your thread should set the tone of the discussion you would like to see formed. Start with a spammy first posting and it will attract spammy replies. Whereas if you start with a well thought out topic others will follow suit with equal effort in their postings.

Due to the spammy nature of this first post I am going to lock this thread. If you have questions on thread quality or anything dealing with the message boards and the rules, please feel free to PM myself or any of the other moderators on the boards. Thanks!

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