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Writing Free {Poem} [E]


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...So many emotions mixed inside...
Feelings itself that hurts so much...
[I]Why[/I] is it so hard to let go?

...My mind, body and soul...
So lost...so messed up...
[I]Why[/I] must I be cursed?

Afraid to let myself trust...
Afraid to let myself fall...such sadness
[I]Why[/I] do I say such things?

...I feel that I'm loosing...
Drifting firther apart...
[I]Why[/I] can't I be free?

...Can't speak freely...
Until these childish thoughts dissapear...
[I]Why[/I] are you here?

...Feeling guilty of what I feel...
Somehow the cause of all this...
[I]Why[/I] don't you give up?

Sadly all these questions will lead to one answer...LOVE[/CENTER]

[B]Note:[/B] I know this is not my best...and probably crappiest poem...but still I post this to see how I can make it better. So do give constructive criticism, thank you.[/COLOR]
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Very nicely done. I have only one thing I am unclear on with this poem. Is it trying to say the person needs to be free from love or is it saying only by finding or allowing themselves to love will they be free? The final line of "Sadly all these questions will lead to one answer...LOVE" is a bit confusing to me as it could mean either one. Till later.

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i agree its good but hmmm....it is confusing.lets see.u say the answer to all the questions is love right?

ok...analyzing data.lol.

Why is it so hard to let go?because of love
Why must I be cursed?because of love
Why do I say such things?because of love
Why can't I be free?because of love
Why are you here?because of love
Why don't you give up?because of love

so basically its a poem about love.love that is the reason the person is in pain but also the reason the person cant let go ne?thats how im understanding it.
it seems like its a poem about a hard relationship.

Anyhow i think its really really good.Great job and keep up the good work!
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